Bringing Our Business Fields to the Global Stage

With a declining demand for paper in Japan, Daio Paper is accelerating the overseas expansion of its Home and Personal Care (H&PC) Business as one of its growth strategy. In line with this strategy, Daio Paper has built local production factories in Thailand, China, and Indonesia, and is tapping into new markets, e.g. the Middle East.


Bringing Our Business Fields to the Global Stage

Mishima Mill and Iwaki Daio Paper acquires ISO9002 certification (Quality management and warranty system)

Mishima Mill and Kawanoe Mill acquires ISO14001 certification (Environmental management system)

Iwaki Daio Paper Corporation wins MITI Minister’s Prize at Recycle Promotion Merit Awards

Woodchips made from eucalyptus trees grown in Daio’s plantation area in Chile is shipped to Mishima Mill for first time

Mishima Mill starts receiving water supply for industrial use from Tomisato Dam

Daio Paper commissions Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) ship

Daio Paper wins 2000 Nikkei Excellent Product and Service Award for the launch of “Chocho Keiryo (Excellightweight)” newsprint

Daio Paper rebrands baby disposable diaper product line to “GOO.N”

Daio Paper acquires Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Certification. (Chain of Custody Certification)

Forestal Anchile LTDA. acquires FSC® Certification (Forest Management and Chain of Custody)

Daio Paper starts sale of electric power to private companies

Daio Paper starts sale of FSC-certified paper

Daio Paper completes and starts operation of biomass boiler

Daio Paper becomes first in Japan to succeed in recycling filler from paper mill sludge and reusing the filler as raw material for papermaking, launching the first 100% resource-circulation paper (fully recycled paper)

Mishima-Kawanoe Port is recognized as a recycling port

Nagoya Pulp Co. Ltd. is merged to become Kani Mill of Daio Paper

Daio Paper completes and starts operation of integrated coated paper machine (N10 machine) at Mishima Mill

Daio Paper acquires P&G’s adult diaper brand “Attento”

Daio Paper starts operation of production facility for recycled filler (from deinking sludge) at Mishima Mill

Daio Paper launches PPC paper “Kininarukami” (which means “paper that becomes a tree” in Japanese) made using recycled pulp and pulp from thinned wood

Daio Paper launches new category of “hydrated” tissue “Elleair +Water”

Daio Paper establishes Elleair International (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and begins construction on its first overseas production factory to manufacture baby disposable diapers

Daio Paper establishes Elleair International China (Nantong) Co., Ltd.

Daio Paper establishes Elleair International Korea Co., Ltd.

Daio Paper establishes PT. Elleair International Trading Indonesia

Daio Paper starts offering test samples of cellulose nanofiber (CNF)

Daio Paper adopts the Cash Management System

2014 Daio Paper adopts the consolidated tax payment system

Daio Paper establishes PT.Elleair International Manufacturing Indonesia

Daio Paper is selected as a constituent of JPX-Nikkei Index 400

Daio Paper relocates Tokyo Headquarters

Daio Paper starts operation of cellulose nanofiber (CNF) pilot plant at Mishima Mill

Daio Paper establishes new Group Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct

Daio Paper begins shareholder benefits program

Daio Paper acquires Daio Paper Products Corporation (the paper products business of Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.) and Miura Printing Corporation

Daio Paper revises the DAIO Global Environment Charter

Daio Paper starts operation of Elleair Logistics Center (large-scale distribution center)

Daio Paper’s “Elleair Kirekira! Toilet Cleaning Wipes” receives the Nikkei MJ Award of Excellence in the 2017 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards

Daio Paper starts operation of new household paper machine at Kawanoe Mill

Daio Paper’s “Development of an Energy-saving Production Process of Nanocellulose” receives the Outstanding Business Award from New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Daio Paper is selected as a brand of the Health & Productivity Stock Selection for the first time
 (*The term “Health and Productivity Management” is a registered trademark of the Nippon Kenko Kaigi)

Daio Paper launches “EliPla Paper” (Eliminate Plastic), a high-density heavyweight paper and alternative material that can be used to replace plastic

Daio Paper submits a declaration of voluntary activities in support of the White Logistics Movement

2001:ISO9001 Registration Certificate
2001:ISO14001 Registration Certificate
2003:Acquires FSC® Certification
2007:Paper machine N10
2011:Elleair International Thailand Co., Ltd.
2012:Elleair International China (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
2014:PT.Elleair International Manufacturing Indonesia
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