Daio Paper Corporation was established in Ehime Prefecture in 1943 as a manufacturer of newsprint and containerboard. The Company subsequently expanded into the paper business and the household paper business with consumer goods such as facial tissue and toilet tissue, transforming into a full-range paper manufacturer. By leveraging the brand power and the sales channels developed through its household paper business, Daio Paper entered the absorbent products business with baby disposable diapers. Thereafter, Daio Paper embarked on a full-scale expansion into overseas markets through the establishment of baby disposable diaper production factories, first in Thailand in January 2011 and subsequently in China and Indonesia, forming a unique business portfolio.

Established Business Foundation

Daio Paper was established through a merger of 14 paper companies including Shikoku Paper Corporation for the purpose of the manufacture and sale of washi (traditional Japanese paper).


Established Business Foundation

Mr. Isekichi Ikawa starts dealing in raw materials for paper manufacture in Iyo Mishima in Ehime Prefecture

Shikoku Paper Corporation installs its first paper machine (No.1) (It is subsequently relocated to Daio Paper Mishima Mill as its first paper machine after the war)

Daio Paper Corporation is established through the merger and incorporation of 14 paper companies

WWII ends

Dozan River drainage works project begins after President Ikawa witnesses the flow of the river

Daio Paper converts from the manufacture of washi (traditional Japanese paper) to yoshi (paper made in the western way)

Daio Paper makes full-scale entry into newsprint market

Daio Paper starts the manufacture and sale of woodfree paper

Dozan River Dam No. 1 and Yanase Dam is completed

Daio Paper establishes kraft pulp (KP) manufacturing facility

Daio Paper starts the manufacture of unbleached kraft pulp at KP mill, the first of its kind in Shikoku

Daio Paper starts the manufacture of bleached kraft pulp upon the installation of KP bleaching facility

Daio Paper acquires mill and facilities from Dozangawa Paper Co. Ltd. and names it “Kawanoe Mill”

Daio Paper purchases forest land and begins cultivation of seedlings and forestation

Daio Paper installs paper machine No.3 (cylinder type paper machine) at Kawanoe Mill This is Daio Paper’s first paper machine dedicated to linerboard, and is the first machine to manufacture kraft linerboard in Japan

Daio Paper launches linerboard manufactured using only virgin pulp (K Liner, KS Liner)

Daio Paper installs paper machine No. 10 (142-inch large-size fourdrinier paper machine for newsprint) at Mishima Mill

Daio Paper launches high-quality newsprint with KP-content

1941年 四国紙業1号抄紙機写真
1941:First paper machine of Shikoku Paper
1943年 創立準備会写真
1943:Preparatory meeting for establishment
1947年 落成式典アーチ写真
1947:Inauguration Ceremony Arch
1950年 伊勢吉社長の案内で昭和天皇が工場へいらっしゃった際の写真
1950:Emperor Showa tours the mill, led by President Ikawa
1950年 昭和天皇をご案内している写真
1950:Emperor Showa visits the mill
1952年 8号機完成写真
1952:Paper machine No. 8 completed
1957年 新聞二本取抄紙機写真
1957:Fourdrinier paper machine No. 10 for newsprint
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