With the technology it cultivated in its papermaking business, Daio Paper is working on the development of paper-based materials with diverse functions. We offer a wide range of products ranging from thin to thick papers, with a range of 9 to 800 g/m2 in paper weight. Functional materials, which have been treated with special processes to give them special functions, are used in a wide range of fields, including food packaging, industrial materials, electricity, and electronics.

Various Applications

We do not limit the application of our products to any specific use, and our products can be found in a wide range of fields and applications.

  • Wrapping PaperWrapping Paper
  • Industrial paperIndustrial Paper
  • Tack PaperSelf-Adhesive Paper

Various Functions

In addition to your desired function, we propose flexible solutions that take into consideration the intended use and the form of the final product.

Repel, prevent, and maintain

  • Oil resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Water imperviousness
  • Cool keeping property

Molding, processing, and design

  • Design
  • Aptness for bag-making

Stick and peel

  • Adhesiveness
  • Heat-sealing properties
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