At Daio Group, we actively support local initiatives to contribute to the development of the community while fostering coexistence with the local society through our business activities. We organize factory tours for residents and students and actively participate in local community events to promote understanding of our business and strive for harmonious growth with the community.

Community Cleanup Activities

The various production bases of the Daioh Group, which operates nationwide, participate in local cleanup activities as part of their community engagement.

Clean Day in Shikokuchuo City

Daio Paper has been participating in this event every year since 1991. Approximately 500 employees from the Mishima Mill (Shikoku Headquarters) and affiliated companies work together to clean up the garbage accumulated in tetrapots along the quay of Mishima Port, which cannot normally be cleaned, in order to maintain the beauty of the harbor.

Environment Festa Pre-Event Kani River Clean-Up (Kani City)

Every year in February, Kani City’s Environment Division, local environmental organizations, and business operators come together to organize the Kani River Clean-Up as a pre-event to the Kani City Environment Festa.

Big Clean-Up of Kani River (Kani City)

Approximately 2,000 residents of Kani City, including around 170 employees of Kani Mill and affiliated companies, participate in clean-up activities around Kani River.

Co-sponsoring Child-Rearing Support Projects with Ehime Prefecture and Shikokuchuo City

Since 2011, the Daio Paper Group has been a sponsor of the Child-Rearing Support Project in the City of Paper, organized by Shikokuchuo City, in which vouchers for a one year’s supply of disposable baby diapers are distributed to households with babies under one year old. In 2015, we began sponsoring the Smiling Child-Rearing Support Project, organized by Ehime Prefecture to mitigate the declining birthrate, in which vouchers for disposable baby diapers are distributed to families raising a second or subsequent child. We will continue to proactively contribute to initiatives addressing the falling birthrate.

Ceremony for the Smiling Child-Rearing Support Project

Commemorative photo with Ehime Prefecture’s mascot characters Mikyan and Dark Mikyan and Ehime Prefecture Governor Nakamura

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