The Daio Paper Group seeks to create an environment for children around the world to play their favorite sports and support people who are striving to realize their dreams, by sponsoring tournaments for women’s professional golf and girls’ baseball, etc. Also, to revitalize local communities, Daio Paper participates in various support projects organized by local governments and conducts charity activities. We aim to strengthen bonds with local communities and contribute to their prosperous development.

Social Contribution through Sports

Daio Paper Elleair Ladies Open

Daio Paper Elleair Ladies Open, the final event of the Japan LPGA tour each year, draws a lot of attention because it is a critical game for players competing to top the money list or make it onto priority ranking list on the next LPGA tour. Daio Paper’s employees, jointly with volunteers, operate this golf tournament, serving as persons in charge of live scoring, course marshals, reception clerks, etc. Through its sponsorship of the ladies’ professional golf tournament, Daio Paper declares its support for all women and works toward contributing to the local community.


Since this event is the final round of the Japan LPGA tour, our employees work together as one team toward the success of the event, even while they feel the pressure from the passionate battle between the women golf professionals. Also, since we started organizing the Elleair Ladies Open, we have donated the proceeds of charity activities held at the event to the local community with the aim of contributing to the education and welfare of the host prefecture.

Elleair Tournament (Tokyo Elementary School Girls’ and Junior High School Girls’ Rubberball Baseball Tournament)

In addition to contributing to local communities through sports, Daio Paper continues to sponsor the Girls’ Soft Baseball Tournament to show its support for girls who dream big and shine bright.

Mitaka Club W: The winners of the 4th Junior High School Girls Championship

Edogawa Angels: The winners of the 7th Elementary School Girls Championship

Together with our Hometown

As part of its initiatives to coexist with the local community, the Daio Paper Group is one of the sponsors of professional sports teams in its hometown, Ehime Prefecture: Ehime FC and Ehime FC Ladies of the second division of the Japan Professional Football League and the Ehime Mandarin Pirates (baseball). Together with Ehime Prefecture, local companies and residents, we will continue to support regional promotion projects that utilize professional sports.

Ehime FC (football)

Ehime Mandarin Pirates (baseball)

Sponsoring Child-Rearing Support Projects of Ehime Prefecture and Shikokuchuo City

Since 2011, the Daio Paper Group has been a sponsor of the “Child-Rearing Support Project in the City of Paper,” organized by Shikokuchuo City, in which vouchers for one year’s supply of baby disposable diapers are distributed to households with babies under one year old. In 2015, we started to sponsor the “Smiling Child-Rearing Support Project,” organized by Ehime Prefecture to mitigate the declining birthrate, in which vouchers for baby disposable diapers are distributed to families raising a second or subsequent child. We will continue to proactively contribute to initiatives addressing falling birthrate.

Ceremony for the Smiling Child-Rearing Support Project

Commemorative photo with Ehime Prefecture’s mascot characters “Mikyan” and “Dark Mikyan,” and Ehime Prefecture Governor Nakamura

Participating in Local Beautification Activities in Each Region

As a corporate citizen, we strive to coexist with local communities by actively participating in local clean-up activities and environmental activities.

Clean Day (Shikokuchuo City)

Shikokuchuo City designates the first Sunday of July as Clean Day. It organizes clean-up activities with citizen volunteers to beautify the streets near the shores.

Clean Day in Shikokuchuo City

Daio Paper has been participating in this event for every year since 1991. Approximately 500 employees from the Mishima Mill (Shikoku Headquarters) and affiliated companies work together to clean up the garbage accumulated in tetrapots along the quay of Mishima Port, which cannot be cleaned usually, to maintain the beauty of the harbor.

Environment Festa Pre-Event Kani River Clean-Up (Kani City)

In February every year, Kani City’s Environment Division, local environmental organizations, and business operators come together to organize the Kani River Clean-Up as a pre-event of the Kani City Environment Festa.

Big Clean-Up of Kani River (Kani City)

Approximately 2,000 residents of Kani City, including approx. 170 employees at the Kani Mill and affiliated companies, participate in the clean-up activities around Kani River.

Daio Paper Mill Tours for Local Elementary School Students

Mill Tours for Elementary and Junior High School Students in Each Region

We organize tours of our production plants for local elementary school students. The children who participated were surprised at the sheer size of the mill and listened attentively to the explanation given by the guides. Through the tour, they learnt the importance of resource recycling and environmental conservation. We will continue to encourage interest in the papermaking industry, which is a local industry, through mill tours, as well as cooperate with the locals on environmental education.

Experiential Learning

Presentation of Results of Group Discussion

Participants of the internship program took part in practical training and mill tours, giving them an opportunity to imagine themselves working at a paper manufacturer. We will continue this program next fiscal year too, and enrich the program with contents that will inspire students to take interest in paper and papermaking and promote Daio Paper to the students.

Exchange-of-Opinion Meetings with Local Residents

We regularly hold exchange-of-opinion meetings with residents associations in the neighborhood of our mills to promote understanding of our environmental improvement efforts and to gather information such as requests for improvements from the residents.

Interaction with Citizens Through Participation in Community Festivals

The Minato Festival in Shikokuchuo City was born to commemorate the opening of the international trade port, Iyo Mishima Port, in 1969. A grander version of the previous Tenjin festival, the Minato festival was also established with the aim of the creation of a prosperous and heartwarming hometown through the further development of the Paper industry in Iyo Mishima City, a trade with more than 200 years of history and tradition.

This year marked the 42th Minato Festival. Each year, employees of Daio Paper and affiliated companies participate in its Dance Festival to celebrate this traditional local festival together with local residents.

Participation in Environmental Exhibitions

Daio Paper participated in EcoPro 2018, one of Japan’s largest environmental exhibitions, held at Tokyo Big Sight from December 6 to 8.

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