May 15, 2024Earnings Release for Full-Year FY2024/3
Feburary 9, 2024Earnings Release for Third Quarter FY2024/3


November 10, 2023Earnings Release for Second Quarter FY2024/3
August 10, 2023Eamings Release for First Quarter FY2024/3
June 29, 2023Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
May 12, 2023Earnings Release for Full-Year FY2023/3
Feburary 10, 2023Earnings Release for Third Quarter FY2023/3


November 11, 2022Earnings Release for Second Quarter FY2023/3
August 12, 2022Earnings Release for First Quarter FY2023/3
June 29, 2022Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
May 13, 2022Earnings Release for Full-Year FY2022/3
Feburary 10, 2022Earnings Release for Third Quarter FY2022/3


November 12, 2021Earnings Release for Second Quarter FY2022/3
August 6, 2021Earnings Release for First Quarter FY2022/3
June 29, 2021Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
May 14, 2021Earnings Release for Full-Year FY2021/3
February 10, 2021Earnings Release for Third Quarter FY2021/3


November 11, 2020Earnings Release for Second Quarter FY2021/3
August 7, 2020Earnings Release for First Quarter FY2021/3
June 26, 2020Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
May 15, 2020Earnings Release for Full-Year FY2020/3
February 13, 2020Earnings Release for Third Quarter FY2020/3


November 13, 2019Earnings Release for Second Quarter FY2020/3
August 9, 2019Earnings Release for First Quarter FY2020/3
June 27, 2019Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
May 17, 2019Earnings Release for Full-Year FY2019/3
February 8, 2019Earnings Release for Third Quarter FY2019/3


November 8, 2018Earnings Release for Second Quarter FY2019/3
August 8, 2018Earnings Release for First Quarter FY2019/3
June 28, 2018Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
May 11, 2018Earnings Release for Full-Year FY2018/3
February 9, 2018Earnings Release for Third Quarter FY2018/3


November 10, 2017Earnings Release for Second Quarter FY2018/3
August 9, 2017Earnings Release for First Quarter FY2018/3
June 29, 2017Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
May 11, 2017Earnings Release for Full-Year FY2017/3
February 10, 2017Earnings Release for Third Quarter FY2017/3
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