Dedicated: Dedication to Manufacturing

The Daio Paper Group manufactures and sells paper, paperboard, and household paper products to meet the needs of society in a wide range of fields.
We also conduct research and development aimed at improving the quality of life.


> Cellulose NanoFiber(CNF)

Cellulose NanoFiber (CNF) is a highly functional material derived from pulp. Currently, Daio Paper is working to overcome the barriers of application development and cost in order to commercialize this new material.

> Transparent Procurement of Raw Materials

Daio Paper promotes sustainable forest management in harmony with the environment by ensuring the effective and efficient use of forest resources in the procurement of woodchips, the main raw materials for papermaking.


> Product Development that Support Growth of the Home & Personal Care Business

Daio Paper promotes product development and initiatives to meet the needs of both the Japanese society and the global society.

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