Dedicated Dedication to Manufacturing

As a manufacturer that is the most familiar with customers’ needs,we operate based on the belief “what is made by Daio is sold only by Daio sales representatives.” While providing high-quality and value-added products and services, we are striving to realize peoplefriendly manufacturing in harmony with the global environment.As a full-range paper manufacturer engaged in the production and sale of paper, paperboard and home and personal care products, we quickly detect social needs and issues in a wide range of fields,reflect that knowledge into our research and development that creates new value and also into our flexible production systems,and ensure high transparency in our procurement process and thoroughness in quality management. By doing so, we well realize“trusted manufacturing” and co-create value from sustainable corporate growth and the solution of social issues.

1. Strategic transformation of our business portfolio

Changing Paper Product Demand

As a part of structural reforms to our Paper and Paperboard Business, we are shifting from paper for media applications to paper for packing and packaging applications.

Product Development of Home and Personal Care Business

Improving the quality of life is the basic development concept of the Home & Personal Care Business. Based on this concept, we develop products in line with the needs of society in Japan and other countries overseas.

2. Acceleration of global expansion

Heart Support Project

In further pursuit of its management philosophy, “Shaping an Abundant and Affable Future for the World,” Daio Paper runs the Heart Support Project, an initiative that provides support for women around the world.

Overseas business development

We are working with local employees to expand sales channels to locally rooted stores based on the local production for local consumption model.

3. Creation of new businesses

Cellulose NanoFiber(CNF)

Daio Paper is working toward the commercialization of Cellulose NanoFiber (CNF), a high-performance material made from wood pulp.

Sales of environmentally-friendly products

As an alternative to plastic, we offer EliPla Paper (“eliminates plastic”), a high-density, heavyweight paper, and EliPla+ (Plus) with water and oil resistance.

Use RFID to enhance operating efficiency and promote work style reform

We use RFID technology to provide the SpeeMa solution, an optimal combination of RFID tags, hardware, and software.


<Policy on Animal Experiments>

We have our policy not to conduct any animal testing, including outsourcing, to confirm the safety of our products.(Except in cases when we are accountable to the society for the safety of our products and there is no suitable alternative method, or when we are required by government authorities in certain countries.)

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