Product Development to Support the Growth of Home and Personal Care (H&PC) Business

The foundation of business development of the H&PC Business is “Quality of Life Improvement”. Based on that, Daio Paper conducts product development and undertakes measures that respond to societal needs in Japan and overseas under the motto:

  • “Elleair watches over the comfort of people across generations in every situation, from home to school, work and more.”

The Daio Paper Group has situated its product development departments in its production factories to directly incorporate customer needs into production.

The product development department conducts the following activities:

1.Develop new ideas and design proposals based on market research and customer feedback
2.Produce prototypes that incorporate the new ideas and designs by the following means, according to the degree of completion

(1)Manual production of prototype
(2)Test production with a test machine
(3)Production of prototypes with the actual production machine

3.Laboratory tests of prototypes (1)Laboratory test of quality and appeal points
(2)Testing with a dummy testing machine
(3)Monitored fitting test (in an onsite fitting room)

We confirm the quality of the products and obtain user feedback through interaction with actual users of the products (the mothers and their children) and work to pursue further improvement of quality.

Product Development Flow

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