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Cellulose NanoFiber (CNF), a wood pulp-derived high functional material, weighs only one fifth of steel but possesses five times the strength of steel. It holds promise for application to various fields, such as automotive parts, films, filters and paper. Businesses and research institutions are competing in a development race for applications of CNF. Daio Paper is working to develop applications and overcome cost barriers toward commercialization of the new material.

Employee Spotlight

He joined Daio Paper in 2009 and has been conducting research and development of CNF at the current Advanced Materials R&D Center for the last five years.

Advanced Materials R&D Center, Production Division

Research and Development Achievements toward Commercialization of CNF

December 2013
Started supplying samples of CNF slurry (2% solids content)
June 2016
Established and started up a CNF slurry manufacturing pilot plant with a maximum annual production capacity of 100 tons (based on the results of a NEDO assisted project)
October 2016
Succeeded in the development of CNF-containing structural composite, and in November, a porous artificial bone graft material (through a joint development project with Fukuyama Ika Co., Ltd. and Chiba Institute of Technology)
April 2017
Launched “Elleair Kirekira! Nano EX” toilet cleaning wipes with CNF content
July 2017
Started supplying samples of CNF-containing structural composite

Development of a high-CNF-containing structural composite

Elleair Kirekira! toilet cleaning wipes

Recent Research Achievements

December 2017
Established and started up a CNF powder pilot plant with a maximum annual production capacity of 10 tons (through the Ministry of the Environment’s project for low-carbon technologies in the manufacturing process of CNF products)
March 2018
Launched a joint research and development project with Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. toward the practical application of concrete containing CNF
August 2018
Succeeded in the development of highly transparent CNF using the method of “esterification using phosphorous acid”.

CNF dry powder

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