Daio Paper Delivers High-Quality Products that Satisfy Customers

Full-range papermaking company that manufactures and sells various types of paper

Daio Paper works on the development of a wide range of materials by integrating the potential of paper with the needs of our customers.
From the production of functional materials to the sale of processed products, we provide various solutions to satisfy the requests of our customers.

Daio Paper’s Global Network

Daio Paper has approximately 80 production bases and offices specializing in corrugated container, printing, papermaking, converting, logistics, and distribution in Japan and overseas. Leveraging on our extensive network, we can respond to the needs of our customers close to their location.

We provide reliable papermaking technological capabilities and flexible solutions to meet our customer needs.


Integrated Production Structure Enables the Fulfillment of Various Needs

As Daio Paper is engaged in the integrated production from the manufacture of pulp to paper products, we can satisfy the requirements (such as cost and time) of our customers, however varied or detailed. We provide our customers advice on which material is most appropriate for their intended product, and also knowledge regarding paper. We are also open to requests for small lot orders or orders with short delivery time.


Food packaging using oil-resistant paper


Functional paper for food-grade paper mold


  1. Newsprint

  2. Publication Paper

    Publication Paper
    Publication Paper
  3. Printing Paper

    Printing Paper
    Printing Paper
  4. Communication Paper

    Communication Paper
    Communication Paper
  5. Drawing paper

    Recycled-Content Colored Construction Paper
    Recycled-Content Colored Construction Paper
  6. Wrapping Paper

    Wrapping Paper
    Wrapping Paper

Containerboard and Corrugated Container

Corrugated containers are used for packaging and transporting various kinds of products, and boast the highest utilization rate of recovered paper pulp, out of all types of paper.


> Containerboard and Corrugated Container

“Containerboard” refers to the paper used on the surface and also within corrugated containers. Corrugated container offers convenience and makes life easier for us.
Daio Paper provides high-quality containerboard and corrugated containers that are durable and environment-friendly.

About Functional Materials

Daio Paper offers a wide range of paper-based functional materials for use in a wide range of fields.


> Functional Materials

With the technology it cultivated in its papermaking business, Daio Paper is working on the development of paper-based materials with diverse functions.
By integrating functions such as water resistance, water imperviousness, oil resistance, heat-sealing, etc., these materials can be used in a wide range of fields, including food, medical care, construction, agriculture, electrical and electronic sectors.

Home and Personal Care

We offer a wide range of products to suit your lifestyle.


> Home and Personal Care

We provide a wide range of household paper and absorbent hygiene products that are indispensable to daily life, such as disposable diapers for babies and adults, sanitary napkins, absorbent liners for light incontinence, various tissue products, wet wipes, and cleaning supplies.

Research and Development

Daio Paper’s enthusiasm for technological innovation persists. Our technological capabilities and research fields are increasing dramatically.

CNF (セルロースナノファイバー)

> Cellulose NanoFiber (CNF)

Daio Paper is working on the development of Cellulose NanoFiber (CNF).

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