Corrugated containers are strong and eco-friendly!

Corrugated container is widely used for packaging and transportation of all types of products. It is also distinctive for its utilization rate of recovered paper, which is the highest among all types of paper. At Daio Paper, we are developing advanced environment-friendly products such as light weighted liners. In addition, we offer a wide variety of containerboard products that meet the needs of users, including colored and preprint linerboards with excellent aesthetic appeal, and linerboards with special functions such as water resistance and water repellency.

Main Products

Linerboard (kraft linerboard, test linerboard, white-top linerboard)

From wooden crates to corrugated containers ―
Pioneers in kraft linerboard

Daio Paper began manufacturing kraft linerboard in 1957, the first in Japan, contributing to a packaging revolution from wooden crates to corrugated containers. Today, our linerboard is composed almost entirely of recovered paper, and we lead the industry in quality, earning high ratings from our users.
Applications Exterior of corrugated containers

Corrugating medium

Customised strength to match its applications

We offer a wide variety of corrugating medium of varying strengths to match its intended use.
Applications Used for the fluted (wavy) part placed between the exterior linerboards of corrugated containers to provide the necessary strength and cushioning.

What is preprint?

Preprint is a process whereby exterior linerboard rolls are preprinted prior to the manufacture of corrugated sheet. When compared with printing on corrugated sheet, as preprint is not affected by the corrugations of corrugated sheet during printing, high print quality is achieved. Also, as corrugated sheet using preprint linerboard is not crushed by the pressure of printing, the high strength of the sheet is not compromised, enabling the creation of corrugated containers that are both strong and attractive.

Colored linerboard

Colored linerboard has a surface layer that is made from pulp which is colored with dye or pigment. As coloring is done by dyeing the raw material (pulp) uniformly, color reproduction is highly accurate. Moreover, since the surface layer is pre-colored, as compared to products which are printed post-process, it is strong against color wear and cracking from friction, hence reducing trouble during transportation, etc.
Applications Gift containers for beer or other beverages, food products, cooking oil, etc., containers for fruits and vegetables, etc.

Mill Introduction

Mishima Mill
Iwaki Daio Paper Corporation
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