Daio Paper’s products support your lifestyle. We develop products to satisfy the needs of society



Our household paper brand, Elleair, places top priority on quality because its products come in direct contact with your skin.


GOO.N baby diapers are soft and gentle, just like underwear.



elis, our feminine care products brand, uses materials that are supremely gentle on the skin, offering both function and comfort to women.


Attento adult diapers offers trustworthy quality products that prevent leaks and skin trouble, and which can be used easily by everyone.

Elleair Antibacterial Wet Towel

Our wet tissues help you maintain a hygienic lifestyle by eliminating bacteria from surfaces easily just by wiping.


Kirekira! offers cleaning products for the household to help create a fresh and hygienic living space.



Elulu pet care products answer to the needs of our customers and offer new value.

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