Competitive Advantages of the Daio Paper Group

The Daio Paper Group operates businesses in a wide range of fields from materials such as newsprint, printing and publication paper, wrapping paper, and containerboard that support cultural and industrial activities, to personal care products such as facial tissue, toilet tissue, and baby disposable diapers that support the everyday lives of people from babies to seniors. It does this by leveraging its core competencies originating from its competitive advantages.

Competitive Advantage
Brand Power Cost Competitiveness Human Resource Capabilities roblem Solving Capabilities
Competitive Advantage 1 Product Value Chain

Flexible Production Structure

Mishima Mill’s paper and paperboard production share in Japan: Approx. 8%

Product Development Capabilities That Create New Value

Received the Nikkei MJ Award of Excellence
Competitive Advantage  2 Market-Oriented Business Strategy

Unique Customer-and-Market-Oriented Marketing

With the basic principle of “selling products we have manufactured with our own efforts,” Daio Paper entered the household paper market in 1979, and acquired the No. 1 market share in facial tissue in 1986 and in toilet tissue in 1988. Our sales team in Japan and overseas approaches end users directly to identify and understand market trends, etc. and feedbacks such information for use in product development, quality improvement and other purposes.

Number of domestic and overseas bases: 34
Competitive Advantage  3 Environmentally Conscious Company

In its forestry business, Daio Paper practices sustainable forest management such as by dividing the harvest area into a number of blocks that is equal to the number of years trees take to mature for harvest following tree planting, thus ensuring a stable supply annually.

Daio’s forested area in Chile: 59,000ha(approximately the same area as Tokyo’s 23 wards)
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