Ensuring that employees maintain good health and work with vitality is essential for a company to achieve healthy organizational operations and sustainable growth. The Daio Paper Group announced the “Daio Paper Group Declaration of Health” in 2014, and endeavors to contribute to the development of lifestyles, culture, and industry and continue to be a Group trusted by society, underpinned by the well-being of its employees and their families.

Daio Paper Group Declaration of Health

Daio Paper Group Declaration of Health
(To Become Company Where Employees Work Healthily and with Vitality)

Based on its Corporate Motto, “Passion with Sincerity”, which has been inherited throughout the years since its establishment, the Daio Paper Group aims to continuously evolve and develop as a vibrant and healthy corporate group. To this end, it is essential that not only the directors and the employees, but also their families, are physically and mentally healthy, and participate actively in our corporate activities. Health is an asset. With the participation of all employees, we strive to create a comfortable working environment, improve employee lifestyle habits, and enhance mental health care in order to maintain and improve the good health of all employees. Through that, we strive to ensure both the health of our employees and the company. By ensuring that all directors, employees and their families are in good health, the Daio Paper Group strives to make every effort to contribute to the development of society, culture and industry, and to be a corporate group trusted by society.

April 2014 Masayoshi Sako, President & CEO


1)To Create a Comfortable Workplace Environment

Implementation of Measures to Prevent Heat Stroke and Infectious Diseases

To counter high temperatures, we have installed fans, spot coolers, and water dispensers at our manufacturing sites, and are providing ice packs and cooling vests to cool down the body during operation To prevent influenza virus infection, we subsidize the cost of vaccination, and also placed alcohol disinfectants at the entrance of each office and in front of elevators.

Resident Public Health Nurse and Health Management Office (Daio Paper Health Insurance Association)

The Daio Paper Health Insurance Association is located on the premises of the Mishima Mill. In other large-scale offices (Kani Mill, and Tokyo Headquarters), we have established Health Management Offices stationed by a public health nurse of the Daio Paper Health Insurance Association. This makes for an environment where employees can work in peace of mind, as care and consultation services are available at the offices for employees who feel unwell or fall ill suddenly during work hours.

2) Improving Lifestyle Habits

Corporate Contract with Major Fitness Clubs

To encourage employees to pick up the habit of exercising, Daio Paper not only provides the employee welfare facility Elleair Sports Club in Shikokuchuo City (Ehime Prefecture), but also partnered with major fitness clubs with facilities nationwide, to let its employees and their families use fitness facilities at a discounted rate. We also invite fitness club instructors to hold body composition measurement sessions and seminars on exercising at our offices to provide our employees with the opportunity to think about their own fitness needs.


Lifestyle Improvement Using Health Support Apps

The KENPOS health support application, which is provided to all employees, enables them to accumulate health points by recording activities that promote good health such as daily steps and weight. Points collected can be exchanged for rewards and electronic money, and there is also a service that records and lets employees view the results of their health examinations over the years and receive individual health advice. These features let employees enjoy health promotion activities.

生活習慣病予防のためのセルフメディケーション エンジン

3)Providing Ample Care for Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Training

In order to improve basic knowledge and management skills regarding mental health, we invite outside industrial counselors to conduct line-care (employee mental health support by supervisors) seminars that incorporates case studies and exercises annually.

External Consulting Help Desk (Counseling Service)

As a measure to support the mental health of employees and their families, we have introduced counseling services provided by specialized outside organizations.

4) Promoting Smoking Cessation

Grant for Outpatient Smoking Cessation Programs

The Daio Paper Health Insurance Association subsidizes outpatient expenses for smoking cessation programs to help employees quit smoking.

Health Promotion Structure

In April 2018, Toshihiro Adachi, Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, took office as Chief Health Officer (CHO). The CHO chairs the Health Management Committee, which was established as an organization in which the company, health insurance association, and labor union work together to promote health management. The committee discusses Daio Paper’s health issues, health measures, and the efficiency of those measures.

Chief Health Officer (CHO) Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Toshihiro Adachi

Concrete Numerical Targets for Health and Productivity Management


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