Ensuring that employees maintain good health and work with vitality is essential for a company to achieve healthy organizational operations and sustainable growth. The Daio Paper Group announced the Daio Paper Group Declaration of Health in 2014. The company endeavors to contribute to the development of lifestyles, culture, and industry and continue to be a Group trusted by society, underpinned by the well-being of its employees and their families.

Daio Paper Group Declaration of Health

To Be a Company Where Employees Work Healthily and with Vitality

Based on its corporate motto, “Passion with Sincerity,” which has been passed down within the company since its establishment, the Daio Paper Group aims to continuously evolve and develop as a vibrant and healthy corporate group. To this end, it is essential that not only directors and employees, but also their families, are physically and mentally healthy and participate actively in our corporate activities. Health is an asset. With the participation of all employees, we strive to promote work-life balance, improve employee lifestyle habits, enhance mental health care, and ensure early disease diagnosis and treatment in order to maintain and improve the good health of all employees. Through this, we strive to ensure both the health of our employees and the company. By ensuring that all directors, employees and their families are in good health, the Daio Paper Group strives to contribute to the development of society, culture and industry and to be a corporate group trusted by society.

August 2021 Yorifusa Wakabayashi, President, Representative Director and CEO

Main Activities

1) Promoting Work-Life Balance

Flexible Work Programs

Daio Paper is promoting work style reforms based on the conviction that a healthy life both mentally and physically leads naturally to highly productive work. Along with introducing flexible work programs like flextime, telework, annual leave in hourly intervals, and shortened working hours, we conduct diversity training for executives and managers to deepen understanding of progressive values and ways of working.

Helping employees balance work and medical treatment

Daio Paper has introduced programs to help employees balance work with medical treatment (including a health consultation desk, long-term leave financial assistance program, and rules on the handling of health-related information) and provides other support programs necessary to make sure employees are not forced to quit their jobs when they become ill.

Training on women’s health issues and balancing health with career plans

We conduct training for managers on health issues affecting women, specifically menstrual related symptoms, which many women experience, and fertility treatment, which can have a major impact on career plans. The training focuses on the type of support desired by the people involved and what managers can do to help. In addition, for all employees, including men, we hold online seminars on the basics of the menstrual cycle and fertility and the mental and physical effects of menopause, providing employees accurate information and teaching appropriate considerations to make in order to create a workplace that is mutually supportive and highly safe psychologically.

2) Improving Lifestyle Habits

Corporate Contract with Major Fitness Clubs

To encourage employees to pick up the habit of exercising, Daio Paper not only provides an employee welfare facility in Shikokuchuo City (Ehime Prefecture), Elleair Sports Club, it has also partnered with major fitness clubs with facilities nationwide to enable its employees and their families to use fitness facilities at a discounted rate. We also invite fitness club instructors to hold body composition measurement sessions and seminars on exercising at our offices to provide our employees with the opportunity to think about their own fitness needs.


Promoting Smoking Cessation

The Daio Paper Health Insurance Association subsidizes outpatient expenses for smoking cessation programs to help employees quit smoking. In FY2019, we ran a smoking cessation program that challenged directors, corporate auditors, and executive officers to quit smoking and all the officers succeeded in doing so. In addition, in FY2020, we expanded the scope of the challenge to include division manager level employees and higher of the Daido Paper Group and in FY2021 expanded this to all managers as we continue working to reduce the smoking rate.

Support for improving nutrition

We have begun providing salads free of charge at the Kani Mill dorm for single employees in order to help improve eating habits and encourage employees to eat more vegetables. We also sell natto, eggs, and tofu, which are sources of protein, and vegetable side dishes for 50 yen.

3) Providing Ample Care for Mental Health

Mental Health Awareness Training

In order to improve basic knowledge and management skills regarding mental health for managers, we invite outside industrial counselors to conduct annual line-care (employee mental health support by supervisors) seminars that incorporate case studies and exercises.

External Consulting Help Desk (Counseling Service)

As a measure to support the mental health of employees and their families, we have introduced counseling services provided by specialized outside organizations. In addition, psychiatrists, certified psychologists, and industrial counselors make regular visits to the company, and employees are provided the opportunity to consult with specialists at the company during their working hours.

Deployment of industrial psychiatrists

Along with industrial physicians specializing in internal medicine, industrial psychiatrists are made available for support on mental health issues. In particular, we receive the opinions of specialists in industrial psychiatry when judgments are made on returning to work from mental health issues and on the support program after returning and strive to prevent recurrence.

4) Early disease diagnosis and treatment

Support from medical professionals

The Daio Paper Health Insurance Association at Mishima Mill has an onsite medical clinic. Other larger business sites (Kani Mill, Tokyo Headquarters) have health management offices staffed with full-time public health nurses affiliated with the association. Medical professionals at each business site, including industrial physicians, public health nurses, and nutritionists provide care for sudden illnesses at work as well as offer health-related instruction and consultations to help employees stay in good health.

Encouraging follow-up exams

We require 100% of employees to receive regular health exams and special medical exams and also strongly encourage employees to receive follow-up exams if they are indicated as necessary by the initial exams. The Daio Paper Health Insurance Association subsidizes the fee of follow-up exams and this helps in the early detection and treatment of disease.

Health Management Promotion Structure

Executive Vice President and Representative Director Toshihiro Adachi was appointed Chief Health Officer (CHO) in April 2018. The company, health association, and labor union work together to promote health and productivity management at Daio Paper. The Health Management Committee, chaired by the CHO, was launched to deliberate on health issues, measures, and outcomes and to promote related activities.

Chief Health Officer (CHO) Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Toshihiro Adachi

Concrete Numerical Targets for Health and Productivity Management


Selected for the White 500 (large enterprise category) for the fourth consecutive year in a program recognizing outstanding performance in health and productivity management run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
* Also selected in 2019 as a Health & Productivity Stock 2019 , the first company in the pulp and paper industry to earn this honor.

Daio Paper has also been selected for five consecutive years since FY2016 for the highest rank of the DBJ Health Management Rated Loan Program run by the Development Bank of Japan.

We regard the health of our employees and their families as an important company asset, and going forward we will continue providing robust support for the promotion of good health.

* “Health and Productivity Management” is a registered trademark of the Health Management Committee.

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