We provide high-quality products that flexibly respond to a variety of needs for materials that underlie culture and industry, such as newsprint, printing and publication paper, and wrapping paper.



Daio Paper produces 500 thousand tonnes of newsprint a year using of advanced technology. We satisfy the demand for stable supply both in terms of quality and quantity, e.g., by commercializing environmentally-friendly newsprint made from 100% recovered paper.


Publication Paper

Daio Paper offers a lineup of products with differing qualities, based on the raw materials used or the type of coating, for various purposes such as weekly magazines, monthly magazines, textbooks and so on. We are also working to develop products customized to meet a wide range of other requirements, such as environmentally-friendly coated paper made from a high proportion of recovered paper, as well as bulky paper for giving books and magazines with a feeling of volume.


Printing Paper

Daio Paper offers a range of paper grades to meet various needs (leaflets, catalogs, pamphlets, posters, etc.) with consideration for printing/processing workability and environmental requirements: woodfree uncoated paper, coated paper (gloss/matte), woodfree colored paper, etc.


Communication Paper

Daio Paper strives to provide a stable supply of high-quality communication paper for various situations, from offices to homes: PPC paper, form paper, carbonless copy paper, etc. We also strive to develop new products to meet diversifying needs and increased quality requirements.


Recycled-Content Colored Construction Paper

Daio Paper offers a wide range of colors and sizes suitable for various situations including art and crafts projects, board displays and exhibits in schools, offices and at homes. Our products contain recovered paper pulp and is environment-friendly.


Wrapping Paper

Daio Paper offers a wide lineup of wrapping and packing paper used to manufacture various types of bags: from light duty such as envelopes and shopping bags to heavy duty such as cement bags and rice and flour bags.


Self-Adhesive Paper (Tack Paper)

Daio Paper’s self-adhesive paper offers excellent print quality, resulting in stickers and labels that are vibrant and eye-catching, contributing to the promotion of your product.

About Functional Materials

Daio Paper offers a wide range of paper-based functional materials for use in a wide range of fields.


> Functional Materials

With the technology it cultivated in its papermaking business, Daio Paper is working on the development of paper-based materials with diverse functions. By integrating functions such as water resistance, water imperviousness, oil resistance, heat-sealing, etc., these materials can be used in a wide range of fields, including food, medical care, construction, agriculture, electrical and electronic sectors.

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