The Daio Paper Group (hereinafter, the “Group”) hereby establishes the Daio Paper Group Social Media Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”), which sets forth principles and guidelines for the operation of the Group’s official social media accounts and Group employees’ participation in social media. The Group shall ensure that the Group and its employees comply with the Policy.

1.Objectives of Participation in Social Media

The Group aims to realize its Management Philosophy, “Shaping an Abundant and Affable Future for the World”, and forge happy, long-lasting relationships with the public through the use of social media to communicate information and to engage with its customers and other stakeholders.
The Group expressly participates in social media to achieve the four objectives as follows.

  • (1)To thoroughly understand what its customers seek in the products and services they use by connecting with them to obtain their feedback and opinions.
  • (2)To reach out to more customers and increase the recognition of the Group’s products and services.
  • (3)To convey to more of its customers the dedication and passion that the Group employees have for its products and services.
  • (4)To increase customer satisfaction, enhance brand value and foster greater trust in the Group through genuine and sincere communication with the public.

2.Principles for Participation in Social Media

The Group understands that social media are places for communication built upon personal connections between individuals, that they are public platforms open and accessible to everyone around the world, and that any information, once posted to the Internet, cannot be fully taken down. Keeping those in mind, the Group and its employees shall follow the principles set forth below, act with integrity, and be sensible and decent when posting on or participating in social media.

  • (1)Comply with national and local laws and regulations, as well as the Group Corporate Motto, Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct, Rules of Employment, and other internal policies, regardless of your organization or employment status.
  • (2)Listen closely to the comments and opinions of the customer and provide information that will be to the benefit of the customer that is engaged.
  • (3)Be mindful of the content and tone of your posts and the manner of which the posts are shared, and make sure that you do not share inaccurate information or mislead customers.
  • (4)In the case that you posted inaccurate information or used misleading or inappropriate expressions, issue an apology and correct the errors as soon as possible.
  • (5)Act ethically and be transparent about your affiliation with the Group when posting information and engaging in conversation related to the Group.
  • (6)Comply with the terms and conditions of any third-party social media platforms and services you participate in, and respect the manners and customs of the communities on each platform.
  • (7)Respect the rights of other parties, such as intellectual property rights and individuals’ right to privacy, and avoid posting content that might infringe upon those rights or contain defamatory language.
To social media users:

Please read the Website and Social Media User Agreement before engaging with official social media accounts and related services operated by the Daio Paper Group.

Established on January 31, 2020

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