Toward the Realization of Daio Paper’s Management Philosophy”Shaping an Abundant and Affable Future for the World”

Passion and sincerity lead to greatness—that was the principle that Daio Paper’s founder, Isekichi Ikawa, lived by. Embracing this founding spirit as its credo, Daio Paper had continued to adapt to changes in its business environment and the needs of society since its establishment in 1943, developing into a full-range paper manufacturer that provides paper, paperboard, sanitary paper, and absorbent hygiene products. In 2016, we enacted a new management philosophy, “Shaping an abundant and affable future for the world”, under which we will further expand our business on a global scale to realize a society in which people the world over lead comfortable and enriching lifestyles.

The needs of the global society are changing by the moment: climate change, plastic pollution, development of the digital society, heightened hygiene consciousness triggered by the spread of infectious diseases. Amidst all of that, our long-term vision is to become a corporate group with net sales of 800 billion to 1 trillion yen by the target year of the fiscal year 2026, and we have been working toward this vision based on three-year medium-term business plans since the fiscal year 2012. In 2021, we launched our Fourth Medium-term Business Plan (fiscal years 2021 through 2023).

The Daio Paper Group possesses a flexible production structure that is hinged on the Mishima Mill (Ehime prefecture), which is capable of manufacturing a wide variety of paper from different types of pulp that it also produces in-house. The Daio Paper Group also employs a unique sales strategy embodied by the slogan, “what is made by Daio is sold only by Daio sales representatives.” We will further strengthen these advantages and continue to provide products that answer to changes in the demand structure and the needs of society.

Furthermore, we aim to provide Elleair—our consumer brand that contributes to people’s affable lifestyles—to consumers in Asia (such as China), the Middle East, Africa, and South America, and grow together with the local communities.

We also seek to contribute to the formation of a sustainable society through the development of paper as an alternative material to plastic, the development of advanced materials such as cellulose nanofiber, and the reduction of supply chain greenhouse gas emissions.

To advance these initiatives, we have to foster an environment that embraces the diversity of all employees working in the Daio Paper Group, both within Japan and around the world, and that motivates every employee to achieve their highest potential. We also have to further strengthen our corporate culture and structure that promotes integrated operations, removing organizational and hierarchal barriers and aligning each and every employee in the Daio Paper Group on the same vector. To become such a corporate group, I will address Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging as a management priority and continue to work on internal reform.

Yorifusa Wakabayashi President and Representative Director Chief Executive Officer
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