Organic: Contribution to the Global Environment

The Daio Paper Group aims to reduce CO2 emissions, promote overseas afforestation and high usage of recovered paper, facilitate energy savings, conserve biodiversity, and work toward establishing a sustainable society.

> DAIO Global Environment Charter

Daio Paper strives to actively tackle environmental issues through global business development in harmony with the global environment in order to realize a sustainable society.

> Sustainable Forest Management

Daio Paper strives to implement sustainable forest management in our forestry business and conduct activities such as protection of endangered species.

> Environmental Activities

Daio Paper strives to create a sustainable, recycling-oriented society by planting trees overseas, increasing usage of recovered paper, promoting energy savings, and conserving biodiversity.

> Environmental Accounting

See data (only in Japanese) on the status of management and maintenance of Daio Paper’s waste processing facilities here.

> Waste and Water Recycling

Daio Paper strives to reuse and reduce waste and reduce our environmental impact on water quality using our advanced technologies.

> Waste Paper Recycling

Daio Paper strives to increase its use of recovered paper by actively using unused recovered paper such as old magazine paper and hard-to-recycle recovered paper.

> Compliance with the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing and the Clean Wood Act

Daio Paper procures its wood-based raw materials in compliance with its procurement principles and basic policy that are based on the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing and the Clean Wood Act.

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