The Daio Group promotes diversity in the workplace and encourages each and every employee to take initiatives to develop their unique abilities and perceptiveness and act with consideration, good judgment, and proactive initiative.

Daio Paper’s Approach to Diversity

Within the area of diversity, Daio Paper has focused particularly on promoting women’s active participation and advancement in the workplace, setting numerical targets that include the percentage of women in managerial positions and the percentage of women hired.
We also provide support for work-life balance in connection with childcare, medical treatment, and nursing care, and have implemented corporate culture and work style reforms.
Our key initiatives:

1. Fostering career awareness and promoting self-directed career development among female employees in career-track positions
2. Training female employees for managerial positions
3. Supporting good balance between work and childcare
4. Corporate culture and work style reforms

Promotion Structure

■ Established Diversity Committee (July 2019)

The Diversity Committee was established with officers as the primary members in order to further promote diversity management. The committee discusses and implements measures for promotion of women’s workplace participation and advancement, childcare support, and other areas.
– Conduct systematic training for female manager candidates
– Promote greater participation by male employees in childcare

■ Established Diversity Promotion Department (April 2021)

The Diversity Promotion Department was established to steadily promote diversity management.

Statement of support

■ Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs)

Daio Paper Corporation has affirmed its commitment to and has signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), and has been registered as a signatory in March 2022. In order to realize the management philosophy, “Shaping an Abundant and Affable Future for the World,” upheld by the Daio Paper Group, the Group will support the seven WEPs, promote diversity management even further, and actively work toward the realization of a gender-free society in Japan and abroad by providing products that are close to the customers’ daily lives.

Women’s Empowerment Principles

■ Declared commitment to being a company where 100% of male employees take childcare leave

In the future, we believe that it is necessary to change from the conventional way of working in order to form an internal culture in which more diverse human resources can play an active role, remove organizational barriers, and strengthen integrated management. Declare childcare.


■ Nadeshiko Brand

Daio Paper was selected as a Nadeshiko Brand* in fiscal 2014, 2016, and 2018. * Nadeshiko Brand is awarded annually to companies demonstrating excellence in promoting women’s active participation and advancement in the workplace. Recipients are selected jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


■ Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI)

For the second consecutive year, Daio Paper Corporation was been selected for the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which includes companies highly committed to transparency in gender reporting and gender equality initiatives.The GEI is a gender-equality index developed by Bloomberg L.P. to recognize companies for their gender equality initiatives, information disclosure, performance, and so forth. For the 2023 index, 484 companies headquartered in 45 economies were selected.

■ HIMEBOSS Declaration Workplace Certification

Daio paper corporation and its 9 group companies have obtained certification as ‘HIMEBOSS Declaration Workplaces’ from Ehime Prefecture, recognizing our commitment to promoting women’s participation in the workforce and supporting the balance between work and family life.

【The list of certified companies within the Daio group.】
Daio paper corporation, Marubishi Paper Tec. Corporation, ELLEAIR PRODUCT CO., LTD, ELLEAIR PAPER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Daio Engineering Co., Ltd., Daio Logistics Co., Ltd., Elleair Resorts Golf Club Co., Ltd., DAIO ECO WORK CO., LTD., DAIO TECHNO-RESEARCH & SECURITY CO.,LTD., ELLEAIR LIFE CO., LTD.,

Results of Initiatives: Promoting Women’s Active Participation and Advancement at the Workplace and Diverse Work Styles

■ General Conference for Promoting Women’s Active Participation and Advancement at the Workplace

In June and July 2014, a general conference was held with the president and other directors, managers with female subordinates, and all female employees for the purpose of communicating the objectives and targets of promoting diversity to the entire company directly from top management.

■ Promotion of Autonomous Career Development

To encourage female employees to self-direct and incorporate their own personal values and ideas into their own career development instead of leaving career design up to the company or other people, we conduct career design training internally and also encourage female employees to participate in training programs across industries.

October 2014 ~ Participation in women’s cross-industrial exchange training programs
June 2015 ~ Career design training for female employees in area-limited positions
June 2016 ~ Career design training for female employees in career-track positions
June 2016 ~ Career interviews between female employees in career-track positions and their supervisors

■ Approach to Training Female Employees to be Managers

We conduct individual interviews with female career-track employees who are one level away from being qualified to serve in a managerial position and provide external training for them in order to dispel concerns they may have about becoming a manager and encourage them to advance in their careers with confidence.

April 2015 ~ Individual interviews between female career-track employees one level away from being qualified to serve in a managerial position and their supervisors
October 2015 ~ Selection and assignment of prospective female managers to the GLOBIS Women’s Leadership Program
November 2016 ~ Executive mentor program

■ Transforming into a more open corporate culture

Diversity training is held for officers to division managers and the heads of Group affiliates to facilitate understanding of the reasons for promoting diversity and to promote further work style and corporate culture reforms. Internal reforms are also being implemented while verifying employee engagement through surveys. In addition, because improving communication within the company is essential to building a corporate culture that is accepting of diversity, we conduct training to encourage self-analysis and facilitate mutual understanding, and conduct LGBT training for personnel and labor divisions to deepen understanding of sexual minorities and develop a more supportive workplace environment. Other measures to help transform the corporate culture include changing how officers and managers address their subordinates and adopting a business casual dress code.

September 2019 ~ Began unconscious bias training
February 2020 Conducted training to promote understanding of LGBT (for Group personnel and labor divisions)
September-October 2020 Company-wide training on unconscious bias (with approximately 550 participants, including online)
December 2020 Plan to conduct unconscious bias training for officers
January 2021 Lecture on diversity and work style reform for executives and managers
April 2021 ~ Switched from calling people by their job titles to using the polite suffix “-san”
April 2021 【President’s Discussion】「Diversity promotion as a management strategy」
June-October 2021 Conducted training on diversity and work style reform for executives, managers, and representatives of group companies
November 2021~ Change in dress code(business casual) for male employees
December 2022 The activities of the workstyle reform project team
September 2023 The introduction of a fertility treatment leave/absence system.
September 2023 Development of the ‘life stage support system regulations,’ integrating provisions related to childcare, nursing care, children’s sick leave, fertility treatment, and menstrual leave.

■ Initiatives to Support Balancing of Work and Parenting

To dispel concerns about balancing work and parenting, we began three-way interviews between female employees on childcare leave who are two months away from returning to work, their supervisors, and the personnel division. By having these conversations on post-return career paths and work styles, we are able to create an environment that makes it easier for employees to return to work. We are also working to create an environment where employees can work to the best of their abilities with peace of mind while engaged in parenting. In addition, in May 2021, we declared our commitment to becoming a company where 100% of male employees take childcare leave and are currently raising awareness and enhancing programs to enable men to take a more active role in parenting.

July 2013 ~ Introduced the baby-sitting subsidy program
April 2014 ~ Started conducting interviews for employees returning to work after childcare leave
April 2015 ~ Extended our shortened working hours program for employees with children to until the child finishes the third grade of elementary school
April 2015 ~ Began allowing accumulated annual paid leave to be used for children’s immunizations, regular health checkups, etc.
October 2017 ~ Introduced the “GOO.N SukuSuku Leave” program (paid leave for childcare purposes). All employees are granted five days of paid leave on the birth of their child to help promote men’s participation in parenting and help women balance work and parenting after returning from childcare leave.
April 2018 ~ Opened the “GOO.N SukuSuku House,” a facility for employer-provided childcare services, in Shikokuchuo City
April 2020 ~ Started flextime program; began allowing annual leave to be taken in hourly intervals; started telework as a COVID-19 measure
December 2020 ~ Formally introduced telework program
January 2021 ~ Began allowing children’s sick leave and nursing care leave to be taken in hourly intervals
January 2021 Received the Award for Excellence as a leading company in providing support for parenting women’s workplace participation and advancement in Shikoku
April 2021 Allowed leave to be taken to care for grandchildren
May 2021 Declared commitment to being a company where 100% of male employees take childcare leave
April 2022 Commencement of the implementation of the rule to submit a “childcare leave plan” three months prior to the expected childbirth.
June 2022 Commencement of fatherhood classes and training for managerial positions.
July 2022 Dissemination of a video message supporting male childcare leave from executives.
August and November 2022 Holding internal events to promote childcare leave (father-child interaction photo contest, baby handling training).
March 2022 In the “2022 Male Childcare Leave Promotion Company Survey” conducted by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the growth rate of male childcare leave acquisition ranked first for the past three years.
子育てサポートをしています 2011年認定事業主

Action Plan Based on the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace

Participation and Advancement in the Workplace
The following action plan has been established in order to enhance the conditions that enable women to continue playing an active role in managerial positions and increase female managers at an accelerating rate.

Period of Plan

April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2025


1. Increase the percentage of women hired for career-track positions to at least 40%. (Percentage of woman hired in FY2020: 25.5%)
2. Increase the percentage of women assigned to sales divisions to at least 20% and promote new assignments to production divisions.
3. Increase the percentage of women in career-track positions around 10 years after being hired to at least 40%.
4. Increase the percentage of women in managerial positions to at least 5%.
5. Increase the percentage of male employees taking paid vacation days for childcare purposes (5 days) to 100% and the percentage taking childcare leave to at least 20%.

Specific Initiatives to Achieve the Targets

【Increase the percentage of women hired for career-track positions to at least 40%】
– Set numerical targets for career-track hires by division and conduct training for interviewers
– Increase the percentage of hires in technical areas (17.2% of new hires in FY2020)

【Increase promotions to career-track positions and increase the percentage of women in career-track positions around 10 years after being hired to at least 40%】
– Assign new graduate hires to sales divisions, change assignments from administrative divisions to sales divisions, return sales division employees to the sales division after childcare leave
– Revise job duties for employees on local employment contracts
– Improve working environment for assignment of female employees in production divisions

【Increase the percentage of women in managerial positions to at least 5%】
– Conduct training for employees and managers at all levels to eliminate differences in career development between men and women
– Continue conducting training with women from different sectors to encourage further thinking on career development
– Implement a mentorship program with officers and division managers and conduct career interviews
– Build an internal network of female employees and work to reform the corporate culture to promote women’s participation and advancement through internal communications and further raise the self-esteem of female employees.
– Complete infrastructure for remote work in sales and administrative divisions

【Increase the percentage of male employees taking paid vacation days for childcare purposes to 100% and the percentage taking childcare leave to at least 20%】
– Remind all employees about our “GOO.N SukuSuku Leave” program
– Ask supervisors to recommend to employees declaring the birth of a child that they make use of “GOO.N SukuSuku Leave” days
– Notify employees of percentages of men and women using the flextime program and create a culture that makes it easy to choose among working formats
– Publish information on male employees taking childcare leave in the group newsletter and work to increase the number

Diversity in Numbers

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Percentage of new female hires 19.2% 18.8% 11.7% 21.7% 26.7%
Percentage of career female hires 9.2% 11.3% 26.2% 28.8% 33.3%
Percentage of females in managerial positions 1.5% 2.0% 2.2% 2.8% 2.7%
Percentage of career recruitment in hires 22.9% 65.5% 30.2% 52.4% 22.8%
Percentage of employees with disabilities 2.2% 2.3% 2.3% 2.4% 2.4%
Percentage of employees who took childcare leave (male) 5.3% 4.1% 6.3% 28.9% 82.7%
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