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Shaping an Abundant and Affable
Future for the World

The Daio Group works to conserve the environment and to coexist with local communities, and strives to resolve societal issues through its business activities.

To Continue to be
a Proud Corporate Citizen Trusted
by the Global Society

The Daio Group aims to build relationships of trust with all stakeholders, in order to provide high value-added products, grow with society, and conserve the global environment for future generations.



  1. Newsprint

    “New Era of Newspaper Printing”― we satisfy the need for stable supply of quality & quantity.

  2. Publication Paper

    We offer a wide variety of paper, with customizable quality and texture to meet different purposes, such as weekly magazines, monthly magazines, textbooks and others.

  3. Printing Paper

    We have a range of products that meet various needs with consideration for printing/processing workability and environmental requirements.

  4. Communication Paper

    We work to provide a stable supply of high-quality products and also develop new products for both office and home usage.

  5. Wrapping Paper

    We have a complete lineup of wrapping paper, including paper for shopping bags, envelopes and cement bags.

  6. Recycled-Content Colored Construction Paper

    We offer high-quality colored construction paper with a wide variety of colors for use in many different situations.

  7. Functional Materials

    We offer functional suggestions not restricted by fields and purposes. We have a wide lineup of products from thin paper to thick paper.

  8. Containerboard

    Corrugated containers are used for packaging and transporting various kinds of products, and have the highest utilization rate of recovered paper among all types of paper

  9. Home and Personal Care Products

    As many of our products come in direct contact with the skin, we pursue the concept of “gentleness” in our development and production activity.

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