Integrated: Corporate Culture That Offers New Challenges and a Sense of Security and Trust

Based on the idea that motivated employees would contribute to the sustainable growth of the Company, the Daio Paper Group is promoting diversity management that respects and leverages the diversity and personalities of employees, health management to ensure that employees can work safely and energetically, and self-directed human resource development.

> Promoting Diversity

Daio Paper is engaged in activities to maximize the potential of its greatest assets: employees with diverse capabilities and values.

> Health and Productivity Management

Daio Paper believes that ensuring the good health of its employees and their families forms the foundation for its initiatives to contribute to the development of society, culture and industry, and to become a corporate group trusted by society.

> Initiatives for Employees

The Daio Paper Group unites as one to work toward the protection of the safety and health, both physical and mental, of its employees and the creation of a comfortable work environment.

> Corporate Governance

Enhancement of corporate governance is one of Daio Paper’s top management priorities, and we strive to continuously improve our corporate value.

> Compliance

The Daio Paper Group sets compliance in its business activities group-wide as its top priority, and is working on promoting greater employee awareness.

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