Attentive Bonds with Local Communities

The Daio Paper Group strives to coexist with the local communities through its business activities, and also proactively supports local initiatives, contributing to the development of local communities. We work to facilitate understanding of its businesses by holding plant tours for local residents and students and participating in local community events to achieve growth in harmony with the local communities.

4. Coexistence with local communities

Domestic: Initiatives for Local Communities

We seek to create an environment for children around the world to play their favorite sports and support people who are striving to realize their dreams towards future.

Overseas: Initiatives for Local Communities

We carry out initiatives to maintain harmony with local communities through forest management in the forests we own.

5. Establishment of sustainable supply chain

CSR Procurement

We have created the Daio Paper Group SDGs Procurement Guidelines in order to facilitate sustainable resource procurement.

Compliance with the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing and Clean Wood Act

To ensure the procurement of environmentally friendly raw materials, Daio Paper has established its Guiding Principle and Basic Policies for the Procurement of Wood-Based Raw Materials and is promoting the procurement of forest-certified materials.

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