With the slogan, “Not Alone, Together for Everyone.” Attento has begun to work toward the realization of a community-based symbiotic society where no one is isolated and everyone has a place to turn to and help each other.

Realization of self-expressive excretory care “kaigo no KAIGOKA”®.

At Atennto, we aim to achieve the “kaigo no KAIGOKA”® in caregiving. This goal encompasses everyone involved in caregiving – the caregivers, the recipients of care, and the supporting family members. By empathizing with the concerns and challenges each individual faces, and offering solutions, we aspire to create an environment where everyone involved in caregiving can live their daily lives with greater peace of mind and comfort. Our desire is to transform the shape of caregiving, making it a ‘Comfortable Care,’ so that all individuals can step forward with confidence into new possibilities that unfold towards tomorrow.

The Attento Meister Pro

Since 2017, we have been actively promoting a certification program called ‘Attento Master Pro’ with the aim of providing accurate knowledge to hospital and caregiving staff on the proper use of Attento diapers and offering advice, suggestions, and support related to excretion. As of December 2023, we have certified 6,379 individuals as ‘Attento Master Pro,’ and our goal is to reach 22,000 certifications by the fiscal year 2030.Through the ‘Attento Master Pro’ initiative, we aspire to foster a sense of ‘security’ and ‘comfort’ in excretion care, allowing both caregivers and recipients to express themselves confidently. Our ultimate goal is to create a caregiving environment where excretion care is approached with the utmost consideration for the well-being, comfort, and self-expression of both caregivers and recipients alike.


<Attento Meister Pro badge and certificate>


Web seminar for hospital and nursing care staff to realize “kaigo no KAIGOKA”®

We have conducted a survey to identify challenges faced by adult diaper users in hospitals and care facilities. Based on the findings, we are conducting web seminars for hospital and caregiving staff to address these challenges and work towards achieving “kaigo no KAIGOKA”® in caregiving.

<past seminar case studies>
 Survey on the Awareness of Sleep among Adult Diaper Users in Hospitals and Care Facilities.

 Introduction to rehabilitation seminar for achieving ‘kaigo no KAIGOKA’® scheduled for January 25 (Thursday) and 27 (Saturday), 2024

 I presented a comprehensive review paper on the theme of ‘Excretion Care and Sleep’ in the academic journal ‘Sleep and Environment,’ published by the Japan Sleep Environment Association. Additionally, the same paper is scheduled to be published on J-STAGE.
  ※J-STAGE is an electronic journal platform operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), a national research and development organization.

The orange project

Through Attento, we contribute to the creation of a society where individuals with dementia can live with peace of mind by alleviating the burden on caregivers and fostering a deeper understanding of dementia. One of the initiatives undertaken by Attento is the ‘Attento Orange Project,’ aimed at enhancing understanding of individuals with dementia and providing support to those engaged in the care of individuals with dementia.

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The “better pants” project

Since 2020, Attento has been committed to making adult diapers more comfortable and accessible for everyone, under the promise of ‘becoming better pants.’ In 2021, we initiated the ‘a package that doesn’t hide’ project to design packaging that can be confidently carried by everyone. In 2022, with the desire to lower barriers to the use of adult diapers and enable more people to enjoy life in their own way, we started the ‘I tried wearing them project.’Attento continues to dedicate efforts to development, aiming to support our customers in leading more enjoyable live.

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<products developed through the “I tried it on project” >


The care consultation session

We conduct ‘In-store care consultation sessions’ directly at the storefronts of drugstores and similar establishments, where we provide direct answers to inquiries and concerns from consumers. We inquire about the customer’s situation, guide them through product options, offer product explanations using samples to let them experience the quality, and assist in choosing the right products.


<In-store care counseling sessions>

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