The Daio Group mainly engages in the manufacture and sale of paper and paperboard products and home and personal care products, and is also engaged in the procurement of raw materials, logistics, and other business activities related thereto.

Paper and Paperboard Business

The Paper and Paperboard Business leverages on the strengths of Mishima Mill (Ehime prefecture), one of the world’s largest-scale coastal mills which is capable of producing a wide range of pulp, paper and paperboard, to conduct a structural shift in production and sales to respond flexibly to changes in demand trends. Through the integrated operation of the Mishima Mill and other Group companies, enabling intra-group sharing of technologies and information to improve productivity and reduce energy costs, we strive to provide high-value-added products and reduce environmental impact, etc.

【Main Products】

Paper: Newsprint, publication paper, printing paper, wrapping paper, functional materials, etc.

Paperboard: Containerboard, corrugated sheets, corrugated box, etc.


Home & Personal Care Business

The Home & Personal Care Business has worked to expand its scope of business in Japan by increasing its product lineup in all categories and developing and selling high-value-added products that meet the needs of consumers and their changing usage situations. Overseas, we are expanding our business mainly in Asian countries, where demand for baby diapers is rapidly increasing, through export sales from Japan and local production and sales in China, Thailand, and Indonesia. Going forward, we will further expand our business by expanding the sales area and product scope of our overseas business, implementing a three-dimensional business expansion strategy. By accelerating product diversification with household paper and other personal care products, we strive to provide products that support a hygienic and healthy lifestyle from Japan to the rest of the world.

【Main Products】

Household paper products: Facial tissue, toilet tissue, kitchen paper, etc.

Absorbent products: Baby diapers, adult diapers, feminine care products, etc.

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