Harmony with Local Communities through Forest Management

【Forestal Anchile Ltda. (Republic of Chile)】

Forestal Anchile Ltda. is one of the world’s largest tree growers by volume thanks to its skill in choosing excellent tree species and its state-of-the-art tree-planting technologies cultivated for over 30 years.

Location of operations
:Republic of Chile (Region IX, Region X, and Region XIV)
Date established
:June 1989
Area of operations
:About 59,000 ha (cf. the area of Tokyo’s 23 wards: 62,145 ha)
Area of plantation
:About 29,000ha (as of the end of FY2020)
Forest certification
:Performed by independent third-party institutions to certify that forests are being properly managed: FSC Certification (in 2002), PEFC Certification (in 2008) (FSC-C015579)

Initiatives for Harmony with Local Communities

Based on the “Three Well-beings” of Hygiene, Life, and Regeneration in the Daio Group’s Sustainability Vision, Forestal Anchile maintains forestry operations in harmony with local communities in its business region, which extends 300 km north to south. It protects water resources in 60 locations within the forestland it owns, water used both for daily living and irrigation, provides skills training for local community members, including knitting, cooking, and fruit growing, donates firewood for heating and supplies to local medical clinics, schools, kindergartens, and community organizations, and provides support for cultural activities on an ongoing basis.

〈Activities to Date〉
・ Joint water supply projects with the Chilean government, municipalities, and local indigenous groups
・ Donation of household paper products to family health centers in forested areas
・Donation of rescue equipment to fire departments
・Donation of freezers to the soup kitchens of local groups
・Skills training for local community members
・Donation of flour to 11 groups and 373 households, including indigenous groups particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
・Donation of cement to fire departments to pave entries/exits for firetrucks
・Provision of sites for establishing irrigation tanks for local community members

Water tank built on school grounds in the Los Riscos district (two tanks built holding 10,000 liters each)

Household paper products donated to family health center

Environmental Protection Initiatives

Forestal Anchile conducted a joint fact-finding survey beginning in January 2014 with Austral University of Chile on plant and animal life in native forestland owned by the company and complied the results in March 2017. Based on these results, the company is taking appropriate measures for each location, including putting up signs and fences to prevent protected forests, and particularly forests with high conservation value, from being damaged by people or livestock. Forestal Anchile also participates in activities to protect natural forests, water resources, and biodiversity together with Chile’s National Forest Corporation (CONAF), Instituto Forestal de Chile (INFOR), municipal governments, local community groups, forester associations, forestry companies, and retail power utilities. In December 2018, alerce trees (Patagonian cypress), which have been designated a national monument in Chile, were found in protected forests within the forestland owned by the company. After talks with CONAF and local NGOs, a habitat survey was conducted by a specialist organization and now appropriate conservation activities are being conducted based on the organization’s recommendations.

Futa area, Corral, Region XIV, Republic of Chile
Dotted lines indicate the area for native forest regrowth
Native forest regrowth in 6 ha along the Futa River

Los Riscos forestland, Purranque, Region X, Republic of Chile
Natural forest regrowth in 41 ha of the forestland

Initiatives in Indonesia

First Halal Certification for Disposable Diapers

In Indonesia, our diapers were the first disposable diapers to obtain Halal certification under Islamic law, and they are now being used with peace of mind by Muslim mothers in the country, which has a Muslim majority

Halal Logo

The Halal logo shows that a product is certified as Halal, meaning it is permissible under Islamic law

We create opportunities to meet local communities and consumers from various social classes to facilitate deeper understanding of our business activities. This in turn creates more opportunities for further business development, including increasing sales by expanding the Elleair fanbase, raising brand recognition, and securing human resources.

Activities in Indonesia

PT. Elleair International Manufacturing Indonesia (EIMI) provides opportunities for dialogue as a part of its factory tours and makes visits to local communities to help alleviate the anxiety of new mothers with regard to childcare and provide them with assistance.

On a visit to a local community (Indonesia)

Initiatives in Thailand

Support for Overseas Disaster-Stricken Areas

Elleair International Thailand (EIT) has been engaged in activities that include visiting orphanages and children’s hospitals and delivering relief supplies to disaster-hit areas. When a flood caused by heavy rain struck northern Thailand in July 2017, EIT delivered relief supplies of disposable diapers and sanitary products to the area. Out of a desire to provide support with their own hands, EIT employees personally visited the affected areas to deliver the supplies.

Support activities for a national children’s hospital in Thailand


Initiatives in China

Social Contribution Activities

Elleair International China (Nantong) Co., Ltd. (EICN) conducts factory tours for distributors, buyers, residents and elementary school students in the neighborhood (approx. 1,500 people annually). In the factory tours for local elementary school students, we show them, in easy-to-understand presentations and demonstrations, how disposable diapers are made and what kind of technologies are used to produce them to stimulate their interest in manufacturing.

Factory tours for local elementary school students (China)

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