Efforts to Increase Utilization Rate of Recovered Paper

Daio Paper’s utilization rate of recovered paper exceeds industry average as it expanded its usage to include hard-to-recycle recovered paper, which could not have been used in papermaking.

Utilization Rate of Recovered Paper

Usage in Paper and Paperboard, total

Usage in Paperboard

Usage in Paper


※”Daio Paper Group” is the total of the 10 group companies that produce paper and paperboard.

※Data of “Industry Average” is from statistical data from Japan Paper Association

Increasing the Utilization Rate of Recovered Paper in Containerboard Manufacture—Using Hard-To-Recycle Recovered Paper

We use hard-to-recycle recovered paper, which was previously disposed of as waste, as material for containerboard to contribute to a shift to a recycling oriented society. Remodeling our pulping machines (pulper) and improving and reinforcing dust removal equipment (screens) have enabled us to use various types of recovered paper.

Recycling of Old Magazine Paper

We are working to increase the use of old magazine paper in printing and publication paper to increase the use of unused recovered paper.

In conjunction with the launch of the operation of the N10 machine at Mishima Mill, we installed an additional deinked pulp production facility. While pulp recycled from old magazine paper was previously used only in the manufacture of paperboard, with the capacity expansion of deinked pulp production, Daio Paper established a technology to recycle old magazine paper into pulp to use in the manufacture of paper, thereby increasing the total usage amount of recovered paper. As a result, we have expanded the range of recovered paper that can be used to produce paper and improved the utilization rate of recovered paper.

Building that houses paper machine and deinked pulp production facility

By establishing a technology to automatically remove foreign matter such as CDs and DVDs, plastic films, and spine glue, which have posed as a barrier to the use of old magazine paper in papermaking, we expanded the range of the use of recycled magazine paper in papermaking.

Magazines with attached CDs and DVDs

Magazines with vinyl-coated covers

Magazines with glue on spines

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