Initiatives for Overseas Forestry Business

Introduction of Plantation

【Forestal Anchile Ltda. (Republic of Chile)】
Forestal Anchile Ltda. has one of the world’s largest growth volumes of planted trees, which is enabled by its capability to choose excellent tree species and its cutting-edge tree planting technologies.

Location of operations: Republic of Chile (IX Region, X Region, and XIV Region)
Date established: June 1989
Area of operations: 59,000 ha (cf. the area of Tokyo’s 23 wards: 62,145 ha)
Area of plantation: 28,650 ha (as of the end of FY2017)
Forest certification: Performed by independent third-party institutions to certify that the company is properly managing forests FSC Certification (in 2002) PEFC Certification (in 2008)

Showing Consideration to Biodiversity
Forestal Anchile designates natural forests and potential habitats of endangered species within its forestry property as reserves,and regularly monitors these designated areas to check if the ecology of such animals and plants is maintained.

Sustainable Forestation

In our forestry business, we practice sustainable forestation management, ensuring a constant supply of mature trees for harvest. By dividing the harvest area into the same number of blocks as the number of years trees take to mature for harvest following tree planting, and going through the cycle of planting, nurturing, harvesting systematically yearly, we achieve stable growth and constant yield.

10 years after planting (height: 30 m)
Recycling of forestation projects
Planting seedlings (height: 30 m)

FSC® Certification
An international certification by a non-governmental organization established in 1993 that established a global standard on forest management.

PEFC Certification System
The world’s largest forest certification system operated by a non-governmental organization established in 1999 with the aim of promoting sustainable forest management. PEFC is a mutual recognition scheme in which obtaining a national forest certification that meets the requirements of PEFC and hence endorsed by PEFC would signify obtaining PEFC certification.

Initiatives to Preserve Biodiversity

In our forestry business, we take biodiversity into consideration by protecting natural forests, native forest species, and endangered animal species.

Our Chilean subsidiary Forestal Anchile makes efforts to removes domestic animals and garbage every month so that they do not affect natural forests such as the alerce species. We also conduct fixed-point observations of the ecology of indigenous species that live only in the region, such as the Southern River Otter (endangered species) and the Black-Necked Swan (local species), to ensure that the habitats of these animals are maintained.

Example of Ecology Monitoring at Forestal Anchile

Monitoring Example in Forrestal Antile
Monitoring Example in Forrestal Antile

(※This table scroll horizontally)

Target Target Area Details of Monitoring Frequency
Protection of natural evergreen species, such as Alerce, Cinnamon, Coihue, etc. and protection of water intake points of indigenous peoples 4,590ha 1. Removal of domestic animals and garbage that affect ecology and monitoring of illegal logging Monthly
2. Monitoring of the growth condition of trees that sprouted from natural fallen seeds or from tree stumps, and the removal of alien species in the six survey areas Once a year
Protection of the Southern river otter (endangered species), Black-necked swan(local species), and Cocoi heron, etc. 584ha 1. Removal of domestic animals and garbage that affect ecology and monitoring of illegal logging Monthly
2. Ecological monitoring Once or twice a year

Sustainable Forest Management in Chile, South America

As a pioneer in overseas forestation, we conduct independent R&D activities to develop seedlings of high quality. All seedlings used for the plantation are produced in-house.

Development of technology for tissue culture of eucalyptus (Developing tissue culture technology to produce seedlings from tissues obtained from quality seedlings and other plants)

Seedlings of high quality

In-house mass production of seedlings

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