The Daio Group’s Code of Conduct

01. Promotion of trusted manufacturing

The Daio Group aims to be a good corporate citizen that is trusted by the global society through providing high-quality, high-value-added products and services based on the “three gen” principle: solving problems by going to the actual location (genba); inspecting the actual situation (genbutsu); and ascertaining the actual facts (genjitsu), and through selling “the products we have manufactured with our own efforts” pursuing to be a manufacturer that best understands the needs of consumers and customers in each country and region.
The Daio Group aims to promote “trusted manufacturing” by continuously developing and improving new products and services based on consumers’ and customers’ needs and changes in the business environment and ensuring the authenticity of data for manufacturing process management, quality control and environment-friendliness.

02. Realization of a sustainable society

The Daio Group aims to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through establishing and adhering to: the DAIO Global Environment Charter, based on which it has been actively committed to solving environmental problems through its business operations in harmony with the global environment; and the Daio Group Sustainability Vision, which has created a link between the previous initiatives addressing social issues in which it has been engaged so far and its initiatives toward accomplishing the SDGs, a universal set of goals.

03.Coexistence with local communities

The Daio Group aims to contribute to the advancement of lifestyles, industries, and cultures around the world through global business expansion as a good corporate citizen trusted in the countries and regions in which it operates.
The Daio Group strives to coexist with local communities not only by complying with the relevant laws and regulations, but also by conducting business activities considering cultures and customs of each country and region, engaging in community-based social contribution activities, and working to address social issues including improvement of hygiene practices.

04.Fair competition

The Daio Group aims for sound growth as a good corporate citizen trusted in the countries and regions in which it operates. To this end, it strives to ensure that its business activities do not impede fair and free competition in the markets.
The Daio Group provides better products and services by complying with the relevant laws and regulations related to fair trade in each country and region and the internal regulations.

05. Appropriate and sound procurement transactions

The Daio Group conducts fair and equitable transactions with those suppliers which agree to the Daio Group’s procurement policy aiming to mutually improve and develop business capabilities to enable the Daio Group to continue to provide products and services with high performance in terms of safety, environment-friendliness, and quality.

06. Respects for human rights and promotion of diversity and inclusion

The Daio Group believes that “Shaping an abundant and affable future for the world” as in the management philosophy requires the realization of a society in which all people, including its consumers and customers, local communities, and business partners around the world with whom we do business, and the officers and employees of the Daio Group, have their innate freedom, dignity, and rights respected.
In order to realize such a society, the Daio Group complies with the human rights policy it has established, respects each and every individual, and recognizes their diversity, pursuing mutual trust in the workplace.

07. Safe and secure workplace environment

The Daio Group aims to create a “Vibrant workplace environment that puts safety and security first”, where each officer and employee is able to work feeling full of life with their physical and psychological safety ensured, by always placing the highest priority on safety and security in its operations.

08. Appropriate protection and management of corporate assets

Corporate assets, including cash and deposits, tangible assets such as facilities, product inventory and IT equipment, and intangible assets such as the company’s brand and credibility, are important and indispensable to the Daio Group’s business continuity and further growth.
The Daio Group appropriately protects its corporate assets and utilizes them efficiently and effectively to enhance corporate value.

09. Proper accounting and taxation

The Daio Group aims for sound growth in the global marketplace by effectively utilizing the funds invested and financed by shareholders, investors, and financial institutions.
The Daio Group makes proper information disclosure to its stakeholders such as shareholders, investors, and financial institutions by ensuring proper accounting practices that are in accordance with the applicable accounting principles and standards, and uses such information to formulate and implement further growth strategies.
The Daio Group also fulfills our social responsibility by paying proper taxes in accordance with the taxation systems applicable to its business activities in each country and region.

10. Appropriate management of intellectual property

The Daio Group’s intellectual property, including intellectual property rights, know-how, and other useful technical and business information, is essential part of its corporate assets, not only for its business continuity but also for further growth.
The Daio Group appropriately protects and utilizes its own intellectual property and promotes “trusted manufacturing” without infringing on the intellectual property rights of others.

11. Proper management of documents and data

In order to fulfill its accountability to stakeholders and operate its business autonomously, the Daio Group ensures that planning and important business decisions are based on clear evidence at all levels of each company and division and that documents and data concerning such evidence are properly managed in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and internal regulations

12. Proper disclosure and distribution of information

Daio Paper Corporation is listed on the Japanese stock exchanges, and the Daio Group, as a group of the listed company, strives for sound growth through constructive dialogue with its shareholders and investors.
The Daio Group discloses material facts about the group to all shareholders and investors in a timely, fair, and proper manner to help shareholders and investors make investment decisions. Furthermore, the Daio Group discloses and distributes proper information to its stakeholders, including consumers, customers, business partners, local communities, and employees, to always be a good corporate citizen that develops together with society.

13. Appropriate protection and management of confidential information

The Daio Group acquires a variety of information through its business activities, which constitutes essential part of its corporate assets supporting the Group’s growth. We also keep and use consumers’ and customers’ personal information and other confidential information for business purposes to the extent necessary for our business activities.
The Daio Group strictly manages such information obtained inside and outside the Group as confidential information, and establishes and maintains a system to prevent unauthorized use and unintended disclosure and leakage.

14. Bribery prevention

The Daio Group aims for sound growth with high ethical standards as a good corporate citizen trusted in the countries and regions in which it operates.
The global society does not tolerate bribery, which impedes the stability of the social system and fair competition. The Daio Group fully understands and agrees with this view and does not tolerate bribery.

15. Conflicts of interest and separation of business and private affairs

The Daio Group values the founding spirit of “Passion with sincerity leads to greatness.” The basic premise underlying this spirit is that all officers and employees commit themselves to perform their duties during the work hours or in the workplace and act with integrity.
While the Daio Group respects the values and activities of individual officers and employees in their personal capacity outside the work hours or workplace, it does not tolerate acts that may harm the company’s reputation or brand value.
The Daio Group does not tolerate acts that benefit individuals in their personal capacity through company’s business, or suspicion of such acts, regardless of the amount of money involved, because minor improprieties can be breeding grounds for major improprieties.


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