We promote sustainable forest management in harmony with the environment by ensuring the effective and efficient use of forest resources in the procurement of woodchip, the main raw material for papermaking.

Promoting Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials in the Supply Chain

Acquisition of Forest Certification and Trade with Suppliers (Use of Legal Wood)

Forest certification is a certification by a third party that ensures that only wood from tree plantations and wood that are harvested legally while considering the environment are used. Use of forest certification is a means to ensure that we procure raw materials in accordance with the basic policy of the DAIO Global Environment Charter. Our Chilean subsidiary, Forestal Anchile Ltda., has acquired forest certification. We also encourage business partners such as our woodchip suppliers to acquire forest certification.

Use of Domestic Wood (Promoting the Use of Thinned Wood)

Thinning increases the amount of sunlight penetrating through the canopy of the forest. This leads to the growth of thicker tree trunks and roots, the growth of miscellaneous small trees on the forest floor, and the forest’s increased resistance to wind and flood damage. Thinned wood left behind in mountain forests would be swept away by heavy rain, causing damage and impeding vegetation growth on the forest floor. Therefore, Daio Paper is increasing the purchase volume of thinned wood to prevent thinned wood from being left untended.

Purchase volume of thinned wood
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