Value Creation with Local Communities through Forest Management

【Forestal Anchile Ltda. (Republic of Chile)】

Forestal Anchile Ltda. has one of the world’s largest growth volumes of planted trees, which is enabled by its capability to choose excellent tree species and its cutting-edge tree planting technologies.

Location of operations: Republic of Chile (IX Region, X Region, and XIV Region)
Date established: June 1989
Area of operations: 59,000 ha (cf. the area of Tokyo’s 23 wards: 62,145 ha)
Area of plantation: 28,650 ha (as of the end of FY2017)
Forest certification: Performed by independent third-party institutions to certify that the company is properly managing forests FSC Certification (in 2002) PEFC Certification (in 2008)

Coexistence with Local Communities Overseas

In response to requests from residents near the forestry property of Forestal Anchile (Alerce area), it constructed a bridge to allow large vehicles and emergency vehicles to pass over and improved the convenience of the lives of local residents. In another area near its forestry property, there were no roads for vehicles to travel on and residents faced serious problems with shopping for everyday goods and responding to emergencies such as fires and the transport of emergency patients. Forestal Anchile constructed a public road and contributed to better and safer lives of residents living nearby.

Forestal Anchile, in a government-private joint project with other forestry companies, Purranque City, and Osorno Province, is supporting the construction of facilities that supply water from the river running through the forestry area owned by Forestal Anchile to the local residents in Los Riscos area of Purranque City. By providing stable water supply for domestic use and irrigation to these areas which have been suffering from shortage of water during dry season, local residents could continue with their economic activities, such as agriculture and dairy farming, thus contributing to the building of a town which is resilient and sustainable.

Bridge and road constructed by Forestal Anchile

Water supply assistance to district resident groups

Zero Forest Destruction

Since 2008, Forestal Anchile has been working with Austral University on the regeneration of native forests at Los Riscos (Purranque City, X Region, the Republic of Chile). There, it has been regenerating 41.5ha of native forest in the area adjacent to the district designated as an area with high conservation value to preserve natural vegetation and landscapes. Forestal Anchile’s initiatives and the results of the project have been highly rated by forest certification organizations.

Since 2013, with the cooperation of Corral City (XIV Region, the Republic of Chile) and residents association in the Futa area, three forestry companies have been engaged in native forest regeneration of deforested areas in Los Joaquines (Corral City) to preserve the landscape along Futa River. As part of that initiative, Forestal Anchile is regenerating 6ha of native forest along the same river. In recognition of these activities, Forestal Anchile has received a letter of appreciation from Corral City and the residents association in the Futa area for protecting the natural environment.

Los Riscos forested area in Purranque City, X Region in Chile

The red-bordered area indicates the area for native forest regeneration

Overseas Business Development

Business practices overseas are different from those in Japan. There are regions where nearly 50% of daily necessities are purchased at minimarts and traditional small neighborhood shops. By having its sales representatives conduct sales activities at each local region, the Daio Paper Group is expanding its sales channels to include these community-based stores. There are also countries where these community-based stores are mainly run by women. By expanding its business in these regions, Daio Paper contributes to the popularization of disposable diapers and feminine hygiene products, raising hygiene levels and preventing infectious diseases, and also contribute to increased living standards for women.

Employment Creation at Local Production Plant

Daio Paper’s overseas production bases in Thailand, China, and Indonesia manufacture baby diapers and other home and personal care products. With its globally competitive manufacturing and diaper development technologies, the Daio Paper Group is extending its sales and marketing activities overseas.

Exterior view of PT. Elleair International Manufacturing Indonesia


Exterior view of Elleair International Thailand Co., Ltd.


Exterior view of Elleair International China (Nantong) Co., Ltd. in Nantong City, China

First Disposable Diapers to Receive Halal Certification

PT. Elleair International Manufacturing Indonesia (EIMI) is the first organization to obtain Halal Certification, given to products that are permissible in Islamic law, for disposable diapers. These Halal Certified baby disposable diapers provide assurance to Muslim mothers in Indonesia, a country where the majority of the population are Muslim.

Halal Logo

Halal Logo can be used on Halal Certified products (which meet the requirements of Islamic law)

Activities in Indonesia

EIMI creates opportunities to meet local communities and consumers from various social classes in the area to facilitate deeper understanding of its business activities. This thereby creates more opportunities for EIMI to expand its business further (sales increase from an increase in Elleair supporters, heightened name recognition, and an edge in securing human resources, etc.).

Activities in Indonesia

Support for Overseas Disaster-Stricken Areas

Elleair International Thailand (EIT) has been engaged in activities such as visiting orphanages and children’s hospitals and delivering relief supplies to disaster-hit areas. When a flood disaster caused by heavy rain struck northern Thailand in July 2017, EIT delivered relief supplies of disposable diapers and sanitary products to the area. Out of a desire to provide support with their own hands, EIT employees personally visited the affected areas to deliver the supplies.

Support activities for a national children’s hospital in Thailand


Overseas Social Contribution Activities

Elleair International China (Nantong) Co., Ltd. (EICN) conducts factory tours for distributors, buyers, residents and elementary school students in the neighborhood (approx. 1,500 people annually). In the factory tours for local elementary school students, we show them, in easy-to-understand presentations and demonstrations, how disposable diapers are made and what kind of technologies are used to produce them to stimulate their interest in manufacturing.

Factory tours for local elementary school students (China)

EIMI helps alleviate new mothers’ worries on child rearing and provide support for parenting through organizing factory tours which serve as an occasion for mothers to come together to talk, as well as through reaching out to local communities.

Visit to the local community (Indonesia)

“Heart Support 2018” Project: Supporting Women around the World through LIKES

To commemorate the launch of Elis Compact Guard, sanitary napkins with a heart motif, and the 40th anniversary of the Elleair brand coming in 2019, Daio Paper rolled out the “Heart Support 2018” project aimed to support women around the world on International Day of the Girl (October 11), in an effort to further pursue its management philosophy, “Shaping an Abundant and Affable Future for the World.”

ハートサポート 2018

This is a project in which Daio Paper will deliver sanitary napkins to women around the world according to the amount of customer engagement on social media. In addition, it will also conduct education sessions on menstruation to equip girls with the right knowledge of it. This time, we will be delivering sanitary napkins to schools for orphans and children in poverty and medical care facilities in Kibera, a slum of Kenya. As women in Kibera cannot afford to buy sanitary napkins, they use unsanitary old rags or strips of blanket as substitutes. As such, many women suffer from health problems such as infections, tetanus, and inflammation of the bladder. Female students may also get bullied by fellow students during their menstrual period due to stains and smell on their school uniforms, and hence they often have to stay home from school during their menstrual period. The “Heart Support 2018” project delivers sanitary napkins to women who need them as support with the aim of eliminating the anxiety and discomfort associated with menstruation. Through this project, Daio Paper hopes to spark conversation about the environment surrounding girls around the world and motivate people to take action, in order to realize an abundant and affable future for the world.

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