Supporting Stress-Free Nursing Care

What is Stress-Free Nursing Care?

Dr. Minoru Kamata

Graduated from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Faculty of Medicine; Currently, Director Emeritus of Suwa Central Hospital in Nagano Prefecture

The Daio Paper Group is supporting the activities of “Panel for Study of Stress-Free Nursing Care” with Dr. Minoru Kamata and member experts. Through the activities, we hope to make nursing care easier on the caregivers by making full use of various information and social services to lower caregiving stress. The activities are not only conducted in Japan, but overseas as well, extending the touch of tenderness provided by our Attento-brand products to people around the world.

Free consultation corner

Nursing care seminar

Providing Information to Consumers

In the Home & Personal Care business, Daio Paper communicates directly with consumers through products such as nursing care products, and provides information to resolve their problems. With information sources becoming more diverse, consumers are saying that they cannot find the information they really want. In particular, information on the actual state of caregiving remains scarce both around consumers and at hospitals and at municipalities. Often, many people have to start caregiving without prior notice. There are no opportunities to receive such information in everyday lives, and information sources become even more limited if one has to start caregiving unexpectedly. As a company involved in nursing care, we seek to provide such information to help solve these problems.

In-store caregiving consultation

In-Store Caregiving Consultation

We hold in-store caregiving consultation sessions to answer in person questions and inquiries from consumers at retail outlets.

We help our customers select the most appropriate product through inquiring about their circumstances, guiding them through our product lineup, providing explanations using samples, and letting them experience the quality of our products.

※ Venue and frequency are irregular.

Communication with Customers

Activities of “DAIO Partner Ship Sakura Terrace” Distributors’ Partnership


Plenary Meeting of Sakura Terrace

DAIO Partner Ship Sakura Terrace was established in November 2015

DAIO Partner Ship Sakura Terrace, our regional distributors’ partnership, was established in November 2015 to facilitate collaboration with our distributors in the face of declining demand. We seek to “grow together, thrive together, and open up a new era together.” Through Sakura Terrace, we have been implementing market-oriented initiatives in collaboration with member distributors, such as seminars by job position level, ranging from new employees to senior executives, and information-sharing through the internet.

Exchange-of-Opinion Meetings with Local Residents,Tours of the Production Facilities

At Daio Paper’s Mishima Mill, we create opportunities to exchange opinions with local residents once or twice a year. At this event, we explain our environmental protection activities (status of improving facilities, noise and vibration measurement data, etc.) and give a tour of the production facilities.

Tour of production facilities for local residents

Establishment of Customer Help Desks

We established “Elleair Customer Service Center” as the point of communication with customers. We listen to and handle customers’ inquiries with sincerity from their perspective, and strive to fulfill their needs. We reflect our customers’ feedbacks in product development, updating products to improve satisfaction, and modifying labels and advertisements to improve ease of understanding.

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