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Publication Paper

The character of our paper brings out the character of media!

The quality requirements for publication paper – from information magazines mainly containing text to fashion magazines mainly containing pictures and so on – are varied. Daio Paper offers a lineup of products with differing qualities, based on the raw materials used or the type of coating, for various purposes such as weekly magazines, monthly magazines, textbooks and so on. We are also working to develop products customized to meet a wide range of other requirements, such as environmentally-friendly coated paper made from a high proportion of recovered paper, as well as bulky paper for giving books and magazines with a feeling of volume.

Main Products

Utrillo Avance (Bulky A2 Gloss paper)

A multi-purpose product widely used as publication paper

This is a bulky coated paper combining the high-glass, high whiteness and high opacity required for high-quality printability. It allows for finer and more classy print quality compared to ordinary A3 gloss paper, and is used for a variety of uses from women’s magazines to catalogs.

Applications Magazines, main section of book-magazines, etc.

How is bulky paper different from ordinary paper?

Bulky paper allows books with even only a few pages to look voluminous and yet feel light. It is optimum for use as the main paper in various types of publications. This reduces the weight for a ream of paper, without compromising on paper thickness, which contributes to cost reduction.

Utrillo Plus (Bulky A2 gloss paper)

Best for main section of women’s fashion magazines!

This bulky A2 gloss paper has slightly more subdued gloss compared with ordinary A2 gloss paper, which, when combined with its eye-friendly whiteness, makes for the perfect level of print ability and readability. It is most appropriate when a natural feel is required or when books need to be given volume without increasing their number of pages. Applications: Women’s fashion magazines, etc.

Applications Women’s fashion magazines, etc.
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Kant Excel bul TL (Bulky Light Weight Coated paper)

This paper is appropriate for those times when voluminosity is of utmost importance.

This product offers bulk despite its light weight. This paper can be used for inserts in a magazine, to differentiate from the main pages in terms of quality and yet retain paper thickness.
There is a wide selection of paper weights available, from 45g/m2 to 85g/m2. The thinner versions are perfect for use in the main sections of information papers.

Applications Main section of information papers, inserts in magazines, etc.
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Introducing our Mills

Mishima Mill (N10 Machine)

Mishima Mill ( C3 Coater)

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