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Wanting to discuss workability in printing and processing with you

The Utrillo series is named after Maurice Utrillo, the painter famous for his “white period.” The Utrillo series offers a range of products, including the “Gloss Matte,” which makes for great quality printing, the “Excel” multipurpose paper, which offers paper as light as 42g/m2, the “Green 70,” which is recycled paper and meets the requirements of the Act on Promoting Green Purchases.

General-purpose lightweight coated paper 42g/m2

Main Products

Utrillo Gloss Matte Series

With an emphasis on printing quality, this matte coated paper comes close to dull finish coated paper

Where many so-called matte coated papers use the irregularities in the paper surface as the matte surface, ”Utrillo Gloss Matte” makes no compromise in the even flatness of the paper surface. This paper provides not only printed output with an entirely different feel in dot reproduction and print gloss, but also a perceptible difference in ink drying characteristics.

A2 grade brand name… Utrillo Gloss Matte
A3 grade brand name… Utrillo L Gloss Matte
Applications Catalogues, pamphlets, leaflets, posters, etc.

Does "Gloss Matte" have a glossy surface? Or is it a matte (dull) finish?

In the U.S., blank paper is categorized by the degree of gloss of the surface (glossiness) as matte, dull (between matte and gloss), and gloss finish paper. These are not strictly differentiated in Japan, but the categories are generally similar to those in the U.S. You might wonder, then, whether our “Gloss Matte” paper comes in between gloss and matte, but that is not the case, either. The "gloss" part of the name indicates that the printed surface is glossy. The "matte" part of the name indicates that the blank surface has a matte finish. However, this is not to suggest that a rigorous distinction is being made here, either, and you should be careful because manufacturers sometimes use terms differently.

Green 70 Series

A2 and A3 coated paper that complies with the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing

Containing 70% or more recovered paper pulp, this is a coated paper that matches the rating of 80 or more evaluation points in the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing.

A2 grade brand name… Utrillo Coat Green 70 (gloss paper)
Utrillo Matte Green 70 (matte paper)
Applications Government printed matter, corporate catalogues, pamphlets, etc.

Daio Coated Fine Paper

Complete lineup of 32 colors

We offer a rich and varied product lineup in (1) all 32 colors, (2) light weight, medium weight, heavy weight, extra heavy weight, and maximum heavy weight for a total of five weight categories, and (3) all colors are supported in short-grain A sizes, and so on. In addition, since January 2011, our paper has been produced with 1% or more recovered paper pulp content.

Applications Leaflets, catalogues, instruction manuals, in-house printed documents, etc.

Introducing our Mills

Mishima Mill (C3 Coater)

Mishima Mill ( N10 Machine)

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