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Wrapping Paper

A comprehensive manufacturer of packaging paper

Daio Paper provides a product lineup of every type of paper for wrapping and packing. This includes paper for the bag to contain heavy weight materials such as cement bags etc. and to contain light weight materials such as shopping bags. Clupak (rice and wheat sacks, tape, etc.), half-bleached kraft paper (envelopes, etc.), bleached kraft paper (shopping bags, envelopes, etc.), colored kraft paper (envelopes, etc.), bleached Ryuo (shopping bags, etc.), and other ribbed and coated products are also included in this category.

Wide range of packaging papers conforming with the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing Mix ratio of recovered paper pulp contained in half bleached kraft paper, bleached kraft paper, machine glazed bleached kraft paper 2 types: 30% and more or 40% and more

Main Products

Ryuo Coat

One side coat on a Yankee paper and good dimensional stability as well

This is the one-side coated Yankee paper. It provides good quality offset, gravure, and flexo printing results, and in addition it provides stronger paper strength and dimensional stability than A2 coated paper. It does not contain any fluorescent dyes, formaldehyde, heavy metals, or other toxic substances, so it can also be used for food product applications.

Applications Lightweight items…Labels, packaging and wrapping
Heavyweight items…Box bottom bags, etc.

The Act on Promoting Green Purchasing does not cover packaging and wrapping paper.

The Act on Promoting Green Purchasing, under the “designated Procurement items” category, does not specifically mention paper used for packaging and wrapping. However, there are specific standards for certain products such as business envelopes (made of paper) and business envelopes with windows (made of paper) into which such paper is processed.
The requirement for recovered paper pulp content is lower for packaging and wrapping paper compared to printing paper and communication paper because this product is considered to be a paper that requires strength.

Bleached Ryuo

Two-stage dust–removal-process completely eliminates foreign materials!

We have eliminated waste matter and extraneous protruding objects through a two-stage dust-removal process. The products contain no fluorescent dyes, formaldehyde, heavy metals, nor other toxic substances. This machine glazed bleached paper also has superior smoothness and is very well suited for offset printing.

Applications Box bottom bags, shopping bags, etc.

Recycled Kraft Paper Series

Rich range of products with semi-bleached kraft paper and bleached kraft paper (unglazed, one-side glazed)

We have two types that comply with the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing for paper bags (30% or more recovered paper pulp), and for envelopes (40% or more). They are also very well suited to printing.

  • Half-bleached kraft bland name
    Gold Atlas G, Gold Atlas Color G
  • Unglazed Bleached kraft bland name
    Snow Queen G, Snow Queen G40
  • One side machine glazed Bleached kraft bland name
    Bleached Ryuo W, Bleached Ryuo EVR
Applications Shopping bags, envelopes, etc.

Introducing our Mills

Kani Mill (N2 Machine)

Kani Mill (N4 Machines)

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