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“New Era of Newspaper Printing”― we satisfy the need for stable supply of quality & quantity

Newsprint needs are changing rapidly. With the emergence of high-speed rotary color printing presses and requirement for weight reduction of newspaper, there is greater demand for stronger paper and better printing finish.
Daio Paper produces 550 thousand tonnes of newsprint a year using of advanced technology. We satisfy the demand for stable supply both in terms of quality and quantity, e.g., by commercializing environmentally-friendly newsprint made from 100% recovered paper.

Main Products

Newsprint (standard-lightweight paper, excel-lightweight paper, lightweight paper)

Extremely strong-quality newsprint suitable for color printing that meets the demands of high-speed color rotary printing and weight reduction of newspapers. The 43g/m2 standard lightweight paper is the mainstream product used domestically.

Applications newsprint (main and supplementary sections), PR magazines, industry journals, etc.
Related Information
Iwaki Daio Paper Corporation

High Grade Newsprint (“Heine News” Series)

This is a newsprint with a high whiteness that is optimal for color printing.
(Whiteness : approx. 65-80 points)

Applications Newsprint supplements, free papers, leaflets, etc.

What are units of paper quantity for newspaper?

The basic unit for measuring newsprint is the “ream.” 1 ream is an amount equivalent to 1000 copies of a 4-page newspaper. The standard roll of newsprint has 60 reams to one roll (width 163 cm, length 16,380 m), out of which about 7,500 copies of 32-page newspapers, or 6000 copies of 40 page newspapers can be printed.

Introducing our Mills

The Mishima Mill (N3 and N4 Machines)

Iwaki Daio Paper Corporation (No. 2 Machine)

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