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Tack Paper

An eye-catching print finish in vivid colors contributes greatly to promoting your products!

Tack paper is extremely well-suited for printing, enabling the visualization of labels with multicolor printing etc. Labels, a product’s identity, can be dressed with a flair of luxury and high quality.

Main Products

NS80/SBG85S (Glassine)/Standard strength adhesive

Perceptible whiteness highlights the printed portions, giving labels a high quality look!

The addition of a surface coating layer improved the paper's perceptible whiteness and suitability for printing.
The glassine paper used for release liner has excellent optical transparency and it can be used with ease in auto labelers. The adhesive is a standard strength adhesive and is strong enough for normal labeling applications.

Applications Labels suitable for food products, cosmetics, and toiletries, process control labels in factories, etc.

NS80/SBG85S/Adhesive for refrigerated food

Provides adhesiveness in cold environment down to -10 degrees!

This product keeps full adhesive strength even in cold environment down to -10 degrees, so it is highly suited for chilled food labels and other labels applied and used in low-temperature environment.

Applications Chilled food product labels

Example of use for point-of-purchase (POP) label

NS60/SBG85S/Adhesive for refrigerated food

The thinner label material makes it more environmentally considerate!

This is a resource-saving, ecologically-friendly product with a thinner label material. Since it is thinner, it fits better on curved surfaces.

Applications Labels for writing implements, cosmetics, and other products made up of curved surfaces


Removable product adheres firmly and peels off easily!

Since the Containers and Packaging Recycling Law went into effect, there has also been growing interest in these labels as an ecologically-friendly product because they are easy to remove (from PET bottles, etc.) as required for the growing numbers of people who sort their waste for recycling.

Applications Product promotion seals, seal labels, beverage bottle labels

Label attached→Label removed (no residue left)

  1. What is synthetic paper?
    Although referred to as paper, synthetic paper is actually a film made from synthetic resin. It seems to have the texture of paper to the naked eye, but it is stronger and more water resistance.
  2. What does the "NS" mean in Tack NS80 synthetic paper?
    It stands for "New Synthesized Paper" and we named it as it makes up our new synthetic tack paper.
  3. What is the advantage of NS80 providing "firm body for the label"?
    1. (1)Ease of use for standing type POP labels
      The POP labels affixed to daily goods in supermarket or in drugstores are often applied deliberately so that part of the label sticks out slightly to enhance visibility. With this product, such labels will stand up firmly.
    2. (2)Outstanding suitability for auto labelers
      Labels are applied to the product by an Auto Labeler machine that is on the production line. Labels that are too limp and pliant do not readily peel off from the release liner (backing paper), or even if they do peel off, tend to get folded over, so that they cannot be affixed as intended. The firm body of a label contributes directly to improved productivity.

Introducing our Mills

Elleair Texel Corporation (panoramic view)

Elleair Texel Corporation (No.1 Coater)

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