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PPC Paper

Main Products


PPC paper that uses Thinned Wood credit

With recovered paper pulp content of 70% and 30% Thinned Wood content credit, our product complies with the government requirement for procurement of environmentally-friendly products under the Act on Promoting Green Purchasing. We also use a portion of the sales income for forest improvement.

Applications PPC paper mainly for government and municipal office use

What is tree thinning?

Tree thinning is a process of cutting some trees, according to their state of growth, to regulate the amount of sunlight on the remaining trees, which can therefore grow straighter and larger. If thinning is not carried out, the trees become unable to carry out adequate photosynthesis and the forest becomes desolated. Thinning is also important work because it promotes phytosynthesis so the trees absorb more carbon dioxide (CO2).
"Kininarukami" is an environmentally-friendly product that makes effective use of the thinned wood generated in tree thinning to produce PPC paper.

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