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Daio Paper Top Page Daio Paper delivers satisfyingly high quality products.

  • “New Era of Newspaper printing”― we satisfy the need for stable supply of quality & quantity

  • We offer a wide variety of paper, with customizable quality and texture to meet different purpose, such as weekly magazines, monthly magazines, textbooks and so on.

  • We have a range of products that meet various needs with consideration for printing/processing workability and environmental requirements.

  • Daio Paper works to provide a stable supply of high-quality products for both office and home usage, as well as to develop new products.

  • We have a complete lineup of wrapping paper, including shopping bags, envelopes and cement bags.

  • Corrugated containers are used for packaging and transporting various kinds of products, and are boasted the highest usage ratio of recovered paper pulp, out of all paper.

  • We offer functional suggestions not restricted by fields and purposes. We have a wide lineup from thin to thick paper.

  • Since many of our products come in direct contact with the skin, we pursue the concept of “gentleness” in our production and development activity.

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