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Elleair Bacteria-Eliminating Alcohol Towels

As easy as just wiping! Make it a habit to eliminate bacteria!

As new strains of influenza and norovirus emerge, consumers are getting more concerned about bacteria elimination and sanitation. Elleair alcohol towels eliminate bacteria from surfaces easily with just a wipe, helping you to maintain a hygienic lifestyle.

Main Products

Bacteria-Eliminating Alcohol Towels (Dispenser 100 sheets / refill 80 sheets)

Contains highly-concentrated alcohol. Eliminate bacteria easily with just a wipe.
Contains aloe extract. The corrugated sheets remove dirt easily.
Useful for cleaning your fingers and many other housecleaning tasks.

Alcohol can also be used for wiping off light oil

Products containing alcohol can generally be used for removing oil stain from surfaces. Bacteria-eliminating alcohol towels also contain highly-concentrated alcohol. Try wiping sticky grease off microwave ovens, tables and other kitchen surfaces. You’ll be surprised at how clean they are. (*Do not use, store or dispose of the towels near a flame.)

Antiviral Bacteria-Eliminating Alcohol Towels (Dispenser 80 sheets / refill 70 sheets)

Contains highly-concentrated alcohol.
Contains polyaminopropyl biguanide.

These sheets eliminate viruses and bacteria effectively with a wipe. Contains aloe extract.

Applications Cleaning fingers. Sanitation for beds and care equipment. Cleaning kitchens and refrigerators.

Bacteria-Eliminating wet tissues (alcohol and non-alcohol types)

Choose from two types of chemical solution in air tight packaging that prevent tissues from drying out

Cute animal-shaped containers that keep the tissues moist. Choose from two types of chemical solution in containers with a safety lock function. The alcohol type contains alcohol and eliminates bacteria rigorously while the non-alcohol type contains natural ingredients (grapefruit seed extract).

Applications Eliminate bacteria from children’s toys. Wipe off tables and desks.

Introducing our Factory

Elleair Product Co., Ltd.
(Kitsuregawa Factory)

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