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Bringing smiles to babies and mothers

Diapers touch your baby’s skin 24 hours a day. They touch your baby for longer than you do, so GOO.N diapers are made to be soft and gentle, just like underwear. We would like to develop products that help to fill these moments with smiles.

Main Products

GOO.N First Diaper (for newborns)

Massarasara (“smooth as new”) sheets cut residue liquid on the surface by 40%*
*Compared to our conventional products

Massarasara sheets are infused with Vitamin E, and are soft and light with a gentle touch to the skin. Their three-dimensional shape reduces the size of the area in contact with the baby's skin, touching it with the utmost gentleness.

Applications Paper diapers for babies

We have various types of disposable diapers

Diapers for babies come in several varieties. We offer many products for each stage of childhood, from tape and pants type diapers for daily use, to disposable diapers for playing in water and toilet training disposable diapers.

GOO.N Pants for Happy Skin L size (for boys / for girls)

Massarasara absorber cuts residue liquid on the surface by 40%*
*Compared to our conventional products

The stretchy-fit structure of the pants fits babies however they move. The pants easily stretch to help you put them on baby with ease.

Applications Paper diapers for babies

GOO.N Swimming Pants (for boys / for girls)

Disposable type for playing in water

Disposable swimsuit for children who like to play in water. These thin pants do not swell in water, so they help babies to move easily.

Applications Paper swimsuits for babies

Introducing our Factory

Elleair Product Co., Ltd.

Elleair Product Co., Ltd.

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