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Would you like a touch of tenderness?

Because it is always close to you,
Because it touches your skin,"elleair" is quite particular about the quality.
Through such sense of touch, "elleair" will bring happiness
by providing tenderness more and more.
Would you like a touch of tenderness?
To receive a resounding "Yes! " from all around the world,
"elleair" will continue on its pursuit for the ultimate tenderness.
For your happiness, for your comfort, for mother earth.

Main Products

Elleair + Water

Facial tissue with moisturizer

By adding a moisturizing component, we have achieved a tissue with a soft and gentle touch, containing 70% (*1) more moisture per sheet than our standard product (*2). We also offer a convenient pocket type for bringing out.

*1 Measured May 2013 under conditions of 40 to 70% humidity (Daio Paper research)

*2 Daio Paper products without a moisturizing component

Applications Facial tissue
Goods for blowing your nose and applying makeup.

The secret behind the softness of lotion tissues

Lotion tissues contain a good balance of moisturizing and softening components to achieve a soft and moist tissue.

  1. Glycerine is the principal constituent of the moisturizing component
    The moisturizer absorbs moisture from the air, keeping the tissue fresh and damp.
  2. Softening and smoothing components make the tissue soft and gentle to the touch
    Tissue that feels good to the touch cannot be made with moisturizer alone. It is the softening and smoothing components that make the tissues feel good to the touch.

Elleair "Zeitaku Hoshitsu", luxury moisturizing series

A moist and gentle feel that conforms itself naturally to your skin

Lotion tissues contains moisturizer and natural collagen extract that feel moist and gentle on your skin and help your nose from irritation with frequent blowing. Avail is a convenient pocket type for when you’re out and about.

Applications Facial tissue
Ideal for people with delicate skin or frequent nose blowers.

Elleair toilet series

Soft-touch finish

Super-soft 100% pulp toilet tissue paper thanks to our unique softener technology.

Applications Toilet tissue paper

Introducing our Mills

Ohmiya Paper Corporation (Fujinomiya paper machines No.1&No.2)

Kani Mill (N7 Machine)

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