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Work, learn, love and enjoy hobbies.
The multifaceted young Japanese women enjoy every single day with liveliness and their own way of living.
The elis range of products was born with the ideal of thoroughly supporting women and a forward-looking lifestyle during those unsettled few days of the month.
Not being swayed by other people, always heading straight ahead to their own happiness.
Staying beautiful the whole time.
Our mission at elis is to make sure we can support you so that you keep that special smile on your face today and every day.

Main Products

Elis Megami series (Hadafuwarich Ultra-slim)

A series created through the pursuit of a pleasant fitting sensation and comfort when worn.

We paid particular attention to achieve a gentle finish in both form and material by using a soft and dry sheet of ultrafine fibers and by eliminating sources of chafing.

Applications Sanitary napkins

Sanitary napkins are quasi drugs.

As being quasi drugs, sanitary napkins are made in factories approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, using approved materials, so you can be sure of their safety.

elis Gokusui

Absolutely no wet feeling even after heavy bleeding

Smooth and soft because the menstrual blood is thoroughly absorbed!
You can be rest assured that there will be no unpleasant sticky feeling or leakages even during days when your period is heavy.

Applications Sanitary napkins

elis Ultraguard

Even if you are having a heavy period you can be rest assured that that elis will carry on absorbing through the night till the next morning

The instant intake absorb and highly-absorbent polymers used in the product leave no gaps whatsoever, and carry on absorbing before the blood flows.

Applications Sanitary napkins

The elis Shin Suhadakan

No need to worry about stuffiness, and gentle on the skin.

Comfort provided by an all-over ventilated back sheet to release stuffiness. The moment you apply the napkin you will feel wrapped in a soft and airy but compact sensation.

Applications Sanitary napkins

Introducing our Factories

Elleair Product Co., Ltd.
(Kitsuregawa Factory)

Elleair Product Co., Ltd.
(Fuji-Kitayama Factory)

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