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Functional Materials

Functional suggestions not restricted to categories or purposes

Offer a wide range of products, from thin paper to thick paper (from 9g/m 2-800g/m 2)

Various products are treated with special processes to give them diverse functions. These functional materials are used in a wide range of fields such as food products, industrial materials, and the electrical and electronic sectors.

Wide-ranging paper products 9-800g/m2

Main Products

Yankee paper (One-side machine glazed paper)

This paper has special characteristics such as dimensional stability and printability.

Special functions such as oil resistance and moisture resistance are given to one-side machine glazed paper with dimensional stability and printability characteristics. We offer a broad lineup of paper weights from 20 to 160 g/m2, for applications from food product packaging to industrial materials.

Applications One-sided coated paper, metal interleaving paper, masking paper

What is dimensional stability in paper?

It is often said that paper is alive, and when paper absorbs or releases moisture, it always expands and contracts. One-side machine glazed paper produced by a special dryer has lower expansion and contraction and has greater dimensional stability than typical paper. Therefore, one-side machine glazed paper can maintain its dimensions even when used for base wallpaper which uses glue when it is hung, and as the base paper for beer bottle labels, on which condensation forms.

Chemical fibers mixed paper

Used for familiar items such as food product packaging materials.

The feedstock uses chemical fiber, giving excellent water resistance and dimensional stability.
In addition, it has a texture like washi paper, making it suitable for a range of design.

Applications Food product packaging material (cake wrappers, tea bags etc.), core of tapes
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Marubishi Paper Tech Inc.

Adhesive film for optical use

This highly transparent coreless double-sided adhesive film (sheet) can be used for attaching the functional films in displays and touch screens. In addition, it is possible to set the adhesive strength according to the materials being glued together, and to add functions to prevent metallic corrosion.

Applications Mobile phones, displays, touch screens

Introducing our Mills

Kani Mill (N2 machine)

Marubishi Paper Tec. Corporation (Converting facility)

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