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Corrugated cardboard is strong and eco-friendly!

Corrugated containers are used for packaging and transporting various kinds of products, and are boasted the highest usage ratio of recovered paper pulp, out of all paper.

At Daio, we are moving ahead by developing even more eco-friendly products such as thin linerboard, Our line of products responds to used needs with a variety of containerboard including colored linerboard with a beautiful finish, and linerboard with special characteristics such as preprint, water-repellent and waterproof.

High mix ratio of recovered paper that exceeds the industry average. 95% *As researched in FY2008 by Daio Paper Corporation

Main Products

Linerboard (kraft linerboard, test linerboard, white-top linerboard)

From wooden crates to corrugated containers ― Kraft liner pioneers

Daio Paper first began manufacturing kraft linerboard in Japan in 1957, bringing about a packaging revolution from wooden crates to corrugated containers. Almost all of our feedstock today is recovered paper, and we lead the industry in quality, receiving high marks from users.

Applications Exterior of corrugated containers

Corrugating medium

Designed with strength matched to application

We have a full range of corrugating medium products of varying strengths according to the intended use.

Applications Used for the fluted (wavy) part placed between the exterior linerboard and another side of exterior linerboard of corrugated containers to provide the necessary strength and cushioning.
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What is preprint?

Preprinting is a system using web-fed linerboard material that has been printed in advance to manufacture corrugated sheet. When compared with printing on corrugated sheet, it has been bonded, this system is not affected by the corrugations during printing and therefore realizes printing that is high on decorativeness. Since the sheet is not crushed by the pressure of printing, this system also provides the advantage of maintaining carton strength at a high level. We can create corrugated containers that are both beautiful and strong.

  • Please see here for details of our preprint Economy Print product.

Colored linerboard

Colored linerboard is linerboard that has its surface layer colored with dye or pigment. The pulp that serves as feedstock is dyed a uniform color, which means that the color is highly accurate. Moreover, since the surface feedstock is colored in advance, it is less subject to color wear and cracking due to friction compared to products that are printed as a post-process, and we can alleviate problems that occur during transportation and so on.

Applications Lidded boxes to contain beer or other beverages, food products, food oil, and other such mid-year and year-end seasonal gifts, boxes for fruit, vegetables, and other such foods, etc.
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Introducing our Mills

Mishima Mill (N1&N2 machines)

Iwaki Daio Paper Corporation (No.1 machine)

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