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Corporate Motto, Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct

Corporate Motto

Passion with Sincerity

Passion with sincerity leads to greatness. This founding principle of Daio represents the basis for all our decisions, leading us to enrich lives around the world by taking on new challenges daily with sincerity and passion.

Management Philosophy

Shaping an abundant and affable future for the world


Our dedication to society and local communities drives us to innovate and deliver new value born from attention to regions, resources, and realizations.


Our attention to individual cultures and regions drives us to contribute and work in harmony with local communities, demonstrating our standing as good corporate citizens.


We will strive to maintain a diverse and friendly corporate culture that offers new challenges and a sense of security and trust to employees.


We will actively work to grow organically, solving environmental problems and realizing a sustainable society for the world over.

Shaping an abundant and affable future for the world

Code of Conduct

1. Trusted Manufacturing

Supply high-quality and value-added products and services. As a manufacturer, we are most familiar with our customers’ needs around the world. So, what is made by Daio is sold only by Daio sales representatives, continuing in our founder’s spirit and giving us a direct connection to our customers to serve their needs and build trust.

2. Sustainable Growth

Respond to all our stakeholders’ needs, including customers, partners, shareholders, society and the global community. We will be agile and flexible to respond to sudden changes in the management environment, and we will work to grow our business in a way that is sustainable while strengthening our management foundations.

3. Regional Awareness

Be good corporate citizens and earn the trust of the world where we work. We will take part in activities that contribute to society, including volunteer work, sporting events, and cultural activities, to grow together with the countries and regions and contribute to growth and development.

4. Safe Workplaces

Work safely and energetically. We will continue to maintain safe and vibrant workplace environments that offer employees challenges and growth potential.

5. Integrity and Compliance

Act with integrity and comply with social norms and regulations along with laws and ordinances. We will strive to be a company trusted by society, and we consider ethical matters among our top priorities, always following our "Employee Code of Ethics."

6. Diverse Management

Respect diversity and personalities of employees and coworkers. We will strive to foster an environment that allows every employee to achieve their highest potential. We nurture employees who reflect our roots as a small company and understand the value of taking on responsibilities outside their sphere of work: The employees who act with consideration, good judgment, and proactivity.

7. Contribution to the Global Society

Respect the laws of each country and region as well as international standards. We will conduct all corporate activities with consideration for cultures and customs while championing the advancement of lifestyles, industries, and cultures around the world.

8. Environmental Awareness

Conserve biodiversity and contribute to the global environment. We will aim to reduce CO2 emissions and promote energy savings and recycling as per the DAIO Global Environment Charter.

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