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  • Mishima Mill and Iwaki Daio Paper acquires ISO9002 certification (Quality management and warranty system)
  • Mishima Mill and Kawanoe Mill acquires ISO14001 certification (Environmental management system)
  • Reforestation begins in Tasmania, Australia
  • Iwaki Daio Paper Corporation wins MITI Minister’s Prize at Recycle Promotion Merit Awards
  • Woodchips made from eucalyptus trees grown in Daio’s reforested area in Chile shipped to Mishima Mill for first time
  • Tomisato Dam begins supplying water for industrial use.
  • Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) ship in service
  • Wins 2000 Nikkei Excellent Product and Service Award for launch of “Chocho Keiryo (Excellightweight)” newsprint
  • Acquires Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Certification. (Chain of Custody Certification)
  • Forestal Anchile LTDA. acquires FSC® Certification (Forest Management and Chain of Custody)
  • Sale of electric power to private companies begins
  • Sale of FSC-certified paper begins
  • Biomass boiler completed; operation begins
  • First in Japan to succeed in regenerating filler from paper sludge and re-using the filler as raw material for paper manufacturing.
  • Sales launched for 100% recycled paper made from recovered paper and recycled filler sludge.
  • Mishima-Kawanoe Port recognized as a recycling port
  • Nagoya Pulp Co. Ltd., which becomes Kani Mill of Daio Paper Corporation.
  • Coated paper production facility (N10 machine) installed at Mishima Mill and operation begins
  • Acquires P&G's adult diaper brand. "Attento"
  • Operation of facility to produce Recycled filler begins
  • Daio Paper and Kishu Paper recognized as promoting businesses of the Green Distribution Partnership Conference
  • PPC paper “Kininarukami” (which means “paper that becomes a tree” in Japanese) made from both recycled fiber and thinned wood credit pulp launched
  • New moist tissues (Elleair + water) launched
  • Elleair International Thailand Co., Ltd. established; construction begins on first overseas Daio factory for production of disposable baby diapers
  • Establishment of Elleair International China (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
  • Establishment of Elleair International Korea Co., Ltd.
  • Establishment of PT. Elleair International Trading Indonesia
  • Began offering test samples of nano cellulose
  • Introduction of cash management system
  • Introduction of consolidated tax payment system
  • Establishment of PT.Elleair International Manufacturing Indonesia
  • Listed on JPX-Nikkei Index 400
  • Relocation of Tokyo Headquarters

2000: ISO9001 certification screening registration card

2000: ISO14001 certification screening registration card

2002: Acquired FSC® Certification

2006: Wins the “Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award” at the 15th Grand Prize for the Global Environment Awards.

2007: N10 paper machine

2011: Conceptual drawing for Elleair International Thailand.

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