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  • Listed on the first section of the Osaka Securities Exchange and the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • In-house power generation facilities installed at Mishima Mill (No. 1 turbine and boiler)
  • Daio’s study abroad program sends first student to University of Maine, U.S.A.
  • Daio Maru is commissioned in May as the first ship dedicated to transporting chips from North America. Daio Maru puts into Mishima port for the first time in July
  • Reclamation work begins at Section A of the Muramatsu Industrial Park (continues until September 1973)
  • DIP manufacturing plant installed at Mishima Mill (Production of deinked pulp begins)
  • Reclamation work begins at Section B of the Muramatsu Industrial Park (Continues until May 1975)
  • N1 paper machine (Inverform 5 layer/linerboard) installed at the new mill
  • Recycled pulp facilities (APP, WP) installed
  • N2 paper machine (Inverform 5 layer/linerboard) installed at the new mill
  • N3 paper machine (Fourdrinier/newsprint 8,130mm trim width) installed at the new mill
  • Construction of new Mishima Mill completed
  • Elleair Golf Club (in Saita town) opens
  • Sales Head Office opens at Daio Paper headquarters; Daio’s unique sales system as a paper manufacturer kicks off (with slogan, “we sell the products we have manufactured our hands”)
  • Third stage of general wastewater treatment system completed (Facilities for prevention of environmental pollution built from 1971 to 1977)
  • Thermo-Mechanical Pulp (TMP) facilities installed
  • N4 paper machine (Bel Baie Former/newsprint) installed at the new mill
    (With completion of the N4 machine, Mishima Mill becomes the largest single mill in the world).
  • Fully enters printing and communication paper market; manufacture and sale of PPC paper begins
  • Mishima Mill wins Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Rationalization of Electricity Utilization at a Mill for fiscal 1978
  • Manufacture and sale of form paper begins
  • Manufacture and sale of Elleair facial tissue paper begins (Entry into the household paper market)
  • Opens first Restaurant Elleair (Expands into restaurant business)
  • Manufacture and sale of toilet tissue paper begins
  • Enters coated paper field
  • Manufacture and sale of disposable diapers begins

1966: PR scene to KS Liner

1966: Daio Maru, a dedicated ship for North American woodchip material transport, enters port for first time

1973: N1 machine under construction

1976: Third stage general wastewater treatment facility

1977: Trial operation of N4 machine

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