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  • Mr. Isekichi Ikawa starts dealing in raw materials for paper manufacture in Iyo Mishima in Ehime Prefecture
  • Daio Paper Corporation established by merger and incorporation of 14 paper companies
  • WWII ends
  • Dozan River drainage works project begins after President Ikawa witnesses the flow of the river
  • Converts from the manufacturing of washi (traditional Japanese paper) to Yoshi (paper made in the western way)
  • Fully enters the newsprint market
  • Manufacture and sale of wood free paper begins
  • Dozan River Dam and Yanase Dam completed
  • Kraft pulp manufacturing plant “KPI” established
    Begins Manufacture of unbleached kraft pulp at KP plant, the first of its kind in Shikoku
  • KP bleaching systems installed; start of manufacture of bleached kraft pulp
  • Forest land purchased; cultivation of seedlings for reforestation begins
  • Kawanoe No. 3 paper machine (cylinder type paper machine) installed
    First in Japan to manufacture kraft linerboard; achieved by Daio Paper's first paper machine for linerboard
  • Linerboard (K Liner, KS Liner) from all virgin pulp launched
  • Mishima No. 10 paper machine (Fourdrinier newsprint, 142-inch large-size paper machine) installed
  • High-quality newsprint of KP mix launched

1943: Preparatory meeting for establishment

1941: No. 1 paper machine, Shikoku Paper Corporation

1947: Inauguration Ceremony Arch

1950: Emperor Showa tours the mill, hosted by President Ikawa

1950: Emperor Showa visits the mill

1952: No. 8 paper machine completed

1957: No. 10 machine for newsprint

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