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Message from the President

Towards a Brighter Future of People and Paper

Paper is said to be the wellspring of civilization. In the increasingly information-oriented society of today, paper is a material that we cannot do without.

Daio Paper is a full-range paper manufacturer that supplies paper for a wide range of sectors, from industry to daily life. Our internationally competitive Mishima Mill in Ehime Prefecture, which is one of the largest coastal paper mills in the world, is blessed with abundant supplies of good-quality industrial water, and is located in a coastal area that is optimal for receiving raw materials and shipping our product. At Daio Paper, our primary mission is to constantly provide a speedy and reliable supply of high-quality paper. We are engaged in creating an integrated supply system committed to maintain a harmonious balance with the environment across our entire range of activities, through afforestation, manufacturing, and sales. In order to respond flexibly to the everchanging management climates and market structures, we strive always to improve our customer services by means of our unique production and sales systems.

At Daio Paper, we will continue to pursue corporate activities in awareness of our own responsibility to contribute to the global environment and to our community as a full-range paper manufacturer.

Masayoshi Sako
President and CEO

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