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Our Strengths

Full-range paper manufacturer

  1. A full-range paper manufacturer that makes and sells a wide variety of paper

    Daio Paper ranks third in Japan as a full-range paper manufacturer and is engaged in the manufacture of a wide variety of paper, including newsprint, printing and publication paper, communication paper, wrapping paper, containerboard and household paper, from pulp.

  2. Strengths as a full-range paper manufacturer

    There are only three full-range paper manufacturers in Japan (Daio Paper, Oji Holdings Corporation Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.). As a full-range paper manufacturer produces and sells a wide range of paper, it has the advantage of always being able to respond flexibly to the changing needs of society.

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Unique sales strategy

  1. "We sell the products we have manufactured our hands"

    With the basic principle of "we sell the products we have manufactured our hands" Daio Paper is the only company in the paper industry that has sales personnel stationed throughout Japan to conduct sales activities directly to markets and users. Through their day to day sales activities, our individual sales personnel put themselves closest to our customers, where they can grasp market trends and gather information. By swiftly responding to market changes, they can deploy our unique sales strategy, which is to "Grasp our customer's needs, suggest and sell products that meet their needs."Today it is a commonplace to sell facial tissue in packs of five boxes, but it was one of our sales people who came up with the idea. This idea came into being exactly because our sales activities are positioned close to the consumer.

  1. "Marketing-oriented sales strategy"

    Daio Paper entered the household paper market in 1979. In 1985, we achieved No. 1 share in facial tissue sales, and in 1986, we took No. 1 share in toilet tissue paper.
    This achievement was based on our product planning capability to satisfy our customers’ needs, and our sales capabilities to suggest solutions to our customers. We also put that know-how to use when we later entered the market for baby and adult disposable diapers, and feminine hygiene products. By cultivating our brand, we are expanding the range of our business activities.

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Active promotion of environmental measures

  1. Recovered utilization ratio of 64%

    Daio Paper's recovered paper utilization rate is 64%, and we use approximately two million tons of recovered paper in a year, making us an exemplary in paper recycling. 

  2. Recycling hard-to-recycle recovered paper and confidential paper

    The Daio Paper Group takes in hard-to-recycle paper (paper accompanied by CDs, paper accompanied by plastic vinyl, paper with bookbinding glue, etc.) that used to be disposed of as industrial waste because it could not be made into paper feedstock. We have developed technology that uses this recovered paper as feedstock, automatically removing foreign material without requiring any human labor. This is part of our effort to expand the intake of unused recovered paper. We also recycle confidential documents in packaged form so as to maintain their confidentiality.

  1. A reforested area the same size as the 23 wards of Tokyo

    Daio Paper manages 59,000 ha (at 203 locations) of timber lands in Chile. This forest in South America is equivalent in area to the 23 wards of Tokyo. Approximately one-half of the owned area, is set aside as natural forest that is left uncultivated. This is part of our committed effort to maintain biodiversity.
    Through our afforestation program, we determine the zones where harvesting and planting are done every year, and systematically engage in afforestation. Since the zones require a number of years from afforestation to harvesting, we practice sustainable forest management to enable stable harvesting.

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